I was having promblems with setup until I realized what mistake I was making.  The upload page in the mission planner is kinda tightly packed together.   A little confusing.


I was clicking the wrong button.




The different color props were nice to use as a quick refference at the flying field.



This is a updated ex: below.



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Ill change now, should be a new planner in an hour or so
1.0.10 is out, and looks very similar to this

Is there a Battery alarm?   Speech warning?

Battery no, not at the moment, ill add one in the next build. so check again tommorow.

Cool Bro looks Great!


Motors armed and disarmed LED on the instrument panel might be handy too.    OK OK I'll shut up now I know your plate stays full.   :o)      

The Telemetry logger is nice but needs a Pause button.  The only way to stop playing a log is to grab the slider and advance it to the end.  Then slide it back to the part of the log you want to look at.

  I like the ability to change the HUD color,  But it's not working either.
hud color is working fine for me?

I needed a fresh start, but got it to work looks great.



V 1.0.14 Flight Planner does not 'Load WP File' correctly.
Here is was loaded:
1 WAYPOINT 0 1 3.3E-06 -1.17E-05 X
2 WAYPOINT 0 1 3.3E-06 -1.17E-05 X
3 WAYPOINT 0 0 3.3E-06 -1.17E-05 X
4 LOITER_UNLIM 0 0 3.3E-06 -1.17E-05 X
5 WAYPOINT 0 0 3.3E-06 -1.17E-05 X

Here is that same WP file as presented by 'Read WPs':
1 WAYPOINT 0 100 33.0936431 -117.2300186 X
2 WAYPOINT 0 100 33.0941658 -117.2311401 X
3 WAYPOINT 0 75 33.0922775 -117.2332153 X
4 LOITER_UNLIM 0 75 33.0917625 -117.2323684 X
5 WAYPOINT 0 75 33.092163 -117.2318191 X
The file had been created, saved, and loaded with v 1.0.13.

Thanks again for the outstanding work.

I have the same issue. You beat me to the post.

+1 for mph and ft units as my friends who are helping me have no idea what m/s means.....ha! Hopefully this can be added down the road.
ive fixed this in my test build. ill release today
Any luck we will see ABC & PPM LEDs on the dashboard?

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