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Total out of the box thinker with a passion for avation and technology.

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I have been flying RC since I was 4 yrs old with my Dad. I beileve there are tons of uses for UAV's and technology that have not even been discovered yet.


Dallas, TX

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Russell B. Sutton replied to maroFX's discussion all 4 motors shut down for1 sec during flight. What's that? in ArduCopter User Group
"I have the same problem.  After I loaded the latest firmware 2.5 i have the same problem.  It cuts all motors for a split second, enough that i had a hard landing and broke 3 props and landing gear.  I'm as well using an old APM 1280.
Apr 29, 2012
Russell B. Sutton replied to Thomas Gabrielsen's discussion What parts to buy
"U need batteries, RC Tx/Rx radio, I personally would stick with DIY drone electronics motors, esc, and APM2, you will get lots more help here at DIY drones. You can use ur frame witch looks pretty nice. For the RC radio I would check out the turnigy…"
Feb 4, 2012
Russell B. Sutton commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post River of blood exposed by Dallas Drone
"@ Gary,   Have you called our local News channesl 4, 5, 8,?  I think they might find this interesting.....  :)"
Jan 23, 2012
Russell B. Sutton replied to Mookie's discussion Battery life
"I have the standard DIY arducopter , 3DR frame and electronics, After doing my own testing one thing I learned was at first stick with what has already been tested. Stick with DIY drones parts for your project. You will have better luck and more…"
Jan 20, 2012
Russell B. Sutton commented on Gareth Rens's blog post 1st Octo Flight
"Try lowering P_stab, then do the in flight tuning by holding the throttle stick in the arm position for 20 sec, then just let it hover, if it drifts or leans in one direction hold throttle stick in the disarm position for 15 sec and re level. Looks…"
Jan 18, 2012
Russell B. Sutton replied to Graham Dyer's discussion Arducopter setup - errors and inconsistencies with the manual
"Yes. Type "help" and press enter. , but why not just do all your setup thought the mp?"
Jan 18, 2012
Russell B. Sutton commented on Farooq Niaz's blog post Ideal Motors for Quadcopters:
"@ jani. Some pictures of all these motors and testing of them would be cool, maybe even some video. :)"
Jan 18, 2012
Russell B. Sutton commented on Jack Crossfire's blog post Vision altitude test
"LOL. It's funny how u apartment looks a lot like mine. Haha. Good work bro."
Jan 2, 2012
Russell B. Sutton replied to Dave's discussion 3DR frame feedback
"I just started with the 3dr frame myself, Dave its not crash proof bro. Although I do agree that the battery does need at least 2 straps and the plastic stand-offs need to be stronger or metal. I stripped one out building my frame. As for the legs…"
Jan 2, 2012
Russell B. Sutton commented on Russell B. Sutton's blog post $40 Quadcopter Frame DIY
"@ darrin  It was good.... just not as light as I wanted.  I have now moved on to Foam and CF arrow shafts
Foam Quad"
Sep 23, 2011
Russell B. Sutton left a comment for Mike Porter
"Wow!  She looks so happy.
Aug 24, 2011
Russell B. Sutton replied to Gage Halverson's discussion Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter vs Spektrum DX6i
"Go for the turnigy 9x.  I have a DX7 DX5 & Turnigy 9x.   It's an awesome Radio system.
Battery protection for the Turnigy.  It will go up in smoke if you plug the battery(s) in wrong.
Jul 24, 2011
Russell B. Sutton replied to Mark's discussion My buying list ..
"Get extra motors,  my luck has been 1 of 4 have quality issuse.  I would also use 2 of the 3000 mha lipos together.  11 x 4.7 prop should work nicely.  The Turnigy 9x is an awesome radio just don't plug the battery in the wrong way or it will…"
Jul 14, 2011
Russell B. Sutton commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post Building the Next Version of my Airplane
"If You wanna try different wings You might need a rudder.  your first wing has no alerions
I like it and can feel this one will fly.
Jul 9, 2011
Russell B. Sutton replied to Jason Short's discussion Arducopter 2.0.34 Preview
"Awesome when wil it be ready for th MP?
Jul 9, 2011
Russell B. Sutton commented on Chris Anderson's blog post First impressions of FY-21AP stabilization and RTL unit
"Which plane r u going to try it with? 
Jul 7, 2011