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  • Lets take a look at the scoreboard... 

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    This kind of environmental pollution is typical of the Texas "business friendly" mentality in North Texas.


    Channel 8 covered the pollution incident last night and it has been in the DMN recently. As usual the polluters are denying it was them.



  • @ Gary,   Have you called our local News channesl 4, 5, 8,?  I think they might find this interesting.....  :)

  • This story is an epic win for the hobby.  We can now link personal UAVs to a positive story.

    I wouldn't worry about the FAA, the flight was within guidelines according to the linked story:

    This flight was undertaken completly within the law, below 400′ and visual line of sight. A simple point and shoot camera and $75 airframe are all that were needed.

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    Another news item involving FPV this time, is from Seattle, where a teenager photographed a Seattle suburb under the recent snowfall, and sent them into the news.

    Although thepics are nice, he goes on to explain that he often flies around 1200 feet and knows its probably safe because he flies near a tall tower which means GA can't fly into him.

    Oh wow...I can hear the FAA knocking now!


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    Good find!

    The creek is pretty well overgrown and empties into the Trinity River soon, so the blood could have gone un-noticed for years.

    I also notice in the hirez pic that there are truck tracks driving up to, and then backing onto the creek as well. 


    Score one for UAVs...but the FAA can't be far behind!


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