How to Chat on DIY_Drones

How to Chat on DIY-Drones.


1.)  Click on " My Page"

2.)  look @ Bottom right corner of the screen.  Kinda works like FaceBook Chat.


Every day I find fellow DIY-Droners that have no clue that there is live " Chat "  they can use to help others or get help from others.


Happy Chatting

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  • Finally, a How to that really means How to! Usually it's :"How to chat" which translates into "How do I chat." Not sure how that part of the English language is completely lost in English classes around the world. But it has ruined my ability to Google "How to".


    I suppose their English is better than my _blank_.

  • try compatibilty view mode in IE
  • Distributor
    I'm not sure if it would help, but are all java and flash player plugins up to date on your system?

  • Maybe firewall settings?  Lower level of protection  or turn off firewall then try maybe.
  • Distributor
    Hi Johann,

    Chat is working for me, I've had no issues with it. I have not seen you in chat for some time, thought you were busy on other projects!

    Hope you get it sorted!


  • Moderator
    I find that the edit bar in posts has fallen off in chrome, is fine in Firefox/IE so I just use those.
  • 3D Robotics
    Hmmm have you tried accessing diy drones on a different browser?
  • 3D Robotics
    Check the little "go offline" icon at the top right of the chat box. Maybe yours is checked by mistake?
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