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Paul Mather replied to SalesProductions's discussion ArduCopter for Mac Osx ( Mountain Lion ) - 10.8.3
"There are MANY Mac fans here in the development community so my comments absolutely do not reflect that of DIYd or anyone else for that matter. But why didn't you just spend the $300 - $700 on a Windows laptop to begin with instead of $2,500 on a…"
Mar 27, 2013
Paul Mather replied to Jimmy Prouty's discussion Antenna Tracking with HKGCS and 360 degree pan servo?
"Can you post a link to the servo you're using?"
Nov 27, 2012
Paul Mather replied to Vincent Mees's discussion GPS + xbee project
"If it's the MediaTek from DIYd, how did you change it to NMEA from the custom binary protocol it ships with?"
Oct 16, 2012
Paul Mather replied to John Githens's discussion Using a computer joystick/gamepad instead of RC for manual control
"Sorry, I don't have any experience with the Mission Planner's Joystick calibration routines."
Oct 4, 2012
Paul Mather replied to luanlmd's discussion Antenna tracker using video data (closed captions)?
Oct 2, 2012
Paul Mather commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Remote control with Xbee
"I decided to back it...I went with the Q4 as I liked the idea of 4 joysticks. Not sure what to use it on. I don't think X-Bee's are quick enough to fly by...."
Jul 17, 2012
Paul Mather replied to cxgiacomo's discussion Not getting any data readout with APM 2.4 and latest HK lite
"I believe the APM2 is running on MAVlink 1.0. My software is not compatible with that version of MAVlink. I also don't own an APM2 currently...."
Jul 16, 2012
Paul Mather replied to Jeremy VP's discussion Using HK's Ground Control Station software for live feed
Jul 16, 2012
Paul Mather commented on Paul's blog post Raspberry Pi Computer To Cross The Atlantic Ocean In Autonomous Boat
"From what I understand, land based solar panels require constant cleaning to keep them running as efficiently as possible. In this case, I should think salt might tend to build up on the panels significantly reducing their output.
I'm sure there…"
Jun 28, 2012
Paul Mather commented on ARHEXA's blog post UNIVERSAL 6 position mode switch for ANY TX !
"And by ANY you mean SOME! lol, j/k. This is a great idea. You probably should revise the title and content to indicate it only works on radios with a pot knob or 3 position switch. If you only have 2 position switches, there's a very slim chance it…"
Jun 26, 2012
Paul Mather commented on Jack Crossfire's blog post SPARKFUN NOTES
"From my trip last year, I found that the air vehicles had a huge disadvantage over the ground vehicles. I believe your time started when you crossed the start/finish and ended when you "landed" not just crossed the start/finish again. It was a…"
Jun 26, 2012
Paul Mather commented on Chris Anderson's blog post A warning on travelling with drones in your luggage

In the link above, by my math, that's (2) 9000 mAh batteries 3S or (2) 6800 mAh batteries 4S. No "spares" allowed in checked bags, but you seem to be able to take them as carry…"
Jun 24, 2012
Paul Mather commented on Jack Crossfire's blog post Downward facing camera busted
"I've never talked to Jack, I've read a bunch of his posts. He sure comes across as both crazy and brilliant...which I would guess lots of brilliant people are. It is too bad that gone are the days of the big companies hiring the nuts to work in a…"
Jun 24, 2012
Paul Mather commented on Paul Mather's blog post Antenna Tracking in HappyKillmore's GCS
"You might need to click the "Set Home" button to get it to start tracking."
Jun 18, 2012
Paul Mather commented on Ellison Chan's blog post UAV Inspired by Maple Seed.
"I say good job Lockheed! You're catching up to what Jack Crossfire's been doing for years! I wonder what kind of budget these two groups had... my guess is Jack's efforts have cost a little bit less.
How long before Lockheed puts out a long…"
Jun 13, 2012
Paul Mather commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Interesting stats on DIY Drones user operating systems
"80/20 rule wins again...."
Jun 13, 2012