You can now define how much time passes before a warning or alarm is shown on the GCS by clicking File, Settings and selecting the Alarm and Warning Timeout on the General Tab. There is also an associated speech event for both warning and alarm as well. You can use {alarm} and {warning} as replacements in the speech string.

For example:
DANGER! DANGER! Telemetry link has been lost for more than {alarm} seconds
{alarm} is replaced with the Alarm Timeout value from the General Tab.

More detail here:

In addition, there are now 6 user definable heartbeats that can be used for anything you'd like. They can be set to fire only once (after connecting) or by seconds or multiple times per second. There are 4 default heartbeats for use with NMEA or MediatTek GPS units and 868 X-Bee's.
Heartbeats are configured by clicking File, Heartbeat Configuration

Download here:
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  • Okay, for the time being we will use the old version and wait for the new one in which this issue is being resolved.
  • There is a known problem with using my GCS in "offline" mode. I don't know exactly what the timeout period is, but if a number of hours. Once you go "offline" for something like 3-4 hours, you will not be able to authenticate with the Google Earth servers and the cached data from the Google Earth Plugin is no longer available. I'm working on using the Google Earth API which doesn't require the authentication...and considering using a local web server to provide the 3D models in GE.... it's high on my priority list.
  • Has has anyone used it in the flying filed ?

    It is really surprising to note that the 3D model of the plane is coming well in both laptops with old version Setup_01182011b.exe but not in latest version Setup_02042011.exe


    Please note that in the latest version of the HK-GCS, the 3D model was not coming in the GE window even when the plane was actually flying at an altitude of 150mts. and the telemetry was working very well.


    Then we tried the old version Setup_01182011b.exe, in this the 3D model in GE window was coming very well.


    Please note, we have tried all versions and observed that 3D model of the plane is not coming in any of the version which were released after Setup_01182011b.exe


    This may be very useful to you to analyse and find out as what was done different, which caused this.


  • Rana, I appreciate your enthousiasm....however, I can't troubleshoot your issues. You're the only one with them. I encourage you to continue trying to use the software, but I can't dedicate any time to your specific problems. I have a massive list of things to complete with the program right now. I'm planning on releasing a version with 2-way MAVlink communication with ArduPilot Mega. Next is Gluonpilot 2-way....and then a gigantic list of features to add.


    Also, I don't know what the LabView GCS has to do with mine. They don't share even a single line of code.

  • And see below in all same conditions on same day other GCS working;

  • Today, we tried to use HK-GCS the latest version in the flying field but could not use it because the 3D model was not coming the GE window, irrespective of setting of the  Altitude Offset to home or seal level.

    We tried on two laptops one with XP, SP3 nad anotherone vista, results were same.


    We used Setup_02042011.exe however the 3D model of the plane was coming well in the the version Setup_01182011b.exe


  • Not yet, but that's because I haven't finished it yet. They claim the APM firmware is ready to go.
  • Happy,

    How well will the MAVlink branch of APM work with your GCS, can you upload waypoints yet?

  • Unlikely, unless they plan on implementing MAVlink....and from what I understand the version of code they are using did not make the shift to the libraries. It *should* work one way from the plane to the ground, but it won't work for setting waypoints or parameters.
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    Any chance the this GCS app will support ArduCopter NG or ArduPirates NG on the APM?
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