I have posted the most important HK GCS update for non-United States users...ever. There has been a nagging bug that has caused some serious problems if your regional settings are set to anything other than English (United States). It's not even a comma vs period for decimal place issue. It's an encoding problem. It has literally taken me weeks of effort to finally find a work-around for this bug and I've finally done it.

The symptoms were when you'd connect the GCS to your APM via MAVlink, only a portion of the parameters would download and the automatic mission read would typically fail. If you click Read enough times, you might actually get the parameters to all download and the entire mission to read, but it was a pain. With US users, this was all automatic and very infrequently (or at least in my testing) would I have a read fail.

Now, it should work for everyone!
Also check out the new joystick control for APM!!!
Please Note you'll need to add this to your APM_Config.h: #define ALLOW_RC_OVERRIDE ENABLED


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  • I took a joystick gibal apart....there is no way to remove the spring tension (from what I could see). I was considering a "nudge" type system to bump it up or down but didn't implement it. So currently no, you'd have to fight the throttle. However, in Fly-By-Wire A I think the throttle is handled by the APM...

  • Paul what about throttle control usb joystick has all four axis in center do we have to do some mechanical modification for throttle proportional control without spring? or is there any other way to do it. 

  • For those interested in using Joystick control, you'll need to add this to your APM_Config.h:


  • It's an absolute nightmare! I can't believe there is no way to set encding = None! Microsoft has decided they know better than the developer what data is going through the serial port. I just want them to keep their hands off it and return what I sent! I've wated so much time on this issue.... this and commas instead of periods for decimal places...
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    Congratulations... I used to work overseas, and I18N issues like this one were always the most trouble to diagnose and fix.
  • MAVLink with Mediatek 1.6 Binary
  • What protocol are you using? MAVlink? AttoPilot? Gluonpilot? UavDevBoard? FY21AP? One of the GCS protocols? ArduPilot Legacy? ArduPilot Binary? ArduIMU Binary?
  • Using COM6 57600 Xbee

    Google Earth update rate - 2hz

    Windows 7 64-bit

    I went back to 1.2.59 and it's working fine.

  • What protocol are you using? What do you have your rates set to on the serial tab? What rate have you selected in File, Settings, Google Earth for the update rate? What OS? 32 or 64 bit?


    Here's a process to "Reset" IE which might fix your problem. Try Step 2: http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/114310-internet-explorer-reset.html

  • Hi Happy, it is crashing for me :-/

    Seems to work fine for about a minute, then have (window not responding)


      A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.

    Problem signature:
      Problem Event Name:    AppHangB1
      Application Name:    Ground Control Station.exe
      Application Version:
      Application Timestamp:    4da60fe3
      Hang Signature:    dc20
      Hang Type:    256
      OS Version:    6.1.7601.
      Locale ID:    1033
      Additional Hang Signature 1:    dc201c452a4c2893697e5c76db05cd1c
      Additional Hang Signature 2:    26cb
      Additional Hang Signature 3:    26cbbd513416e0242accf42f1fc199b2
      Additional Hang Signature 4:    dc20
      Additional Hang Signature 5:    dc201c452a4c2893697e5c76db05cd1c
      Additional Hang Signature 6:    26cb
      Additional Hang Signature 7:    26cbbd513416e0242accf42f1fc199b2

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