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Over the five years we've been running the site, Apple OSs have been consistently rising and Linux consistently falling. Today iOS of various flavors add up to nearly 6% of total traffic of 1.4m page views/month, which brings the Apple total (mobile +  Mac) to around 20%. Five years ago, Linux was around 8%; now it's 5%. FWIW, Chrome is the most popular browser, closely followed by Firefox.  

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    I think its generally lower on mobile systems because the mobile versions of sites just suck. Im always hitting the desktop display on my phone.

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    Do you think that iOS figures are lower due to the fact not all blog posts work properly, and the main diydrones.com uses flash?
  • As military is using millions to move to Linux, amateurs are still not learning :) 

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    As a point of reference, here is the data for wired.com (my day job). I've blurred out the absolute numbers, but the percentages are interesting. Much higher Mac usage than DIYDrones, and even lower Linux. The overall trends over the past few years, however, are the same: Mac (and iPad) growing, Linux falling.


  • I'm on a Mac too.  I take a MacBook Pro with me when I go flying (since I don't own a Windows portable machine).  I run MP in Parallels with Win7, and most of the time it's OK.  One weird thing is that mouse clicks from the trackpad don't work for creating waypoints in the planner so I have to take a USB mouse with me too - kinda sucks because I'm always forgetting it.  I really hate paying the $200 or so to get Windows running just so I can run MP.

    I think if there's going to be platform expansion in the future it should be for notepad devices.  Just taking an iPad to the field when I fly would be awesome.  And it seems like everyone I know who flies multicopters has at least an iPhone and most have iPads.  Yes, I'm aware of the connectivity issue.  Somebody needs to solve that problem.  Maybe the closed architecture of iOS makes Android the only available notepad option.  But I don't know anyone who has an Android notepad (besides a few Kindle Fires which probably don't have the horsepower). I suspect an Android tablet version would get little use.

    A Mac version of MP would be AWESOME but I don't expect it.  I should look at QGroundControl again, it's been a while.

  • 80/20 rule wins again....

  • Could you please cross-reference this data w/ data from fashionmagazine.com ?

  • R_Lefebvre - I must admit that I'm visiting DIY few times a day and it's like 50/50: PC and Android phone (it depends if I'm working on the PC or running around/traveling). I have HTC Desire Z so the screen is ok. More over, I prefer classic layout than recently introduced mobile which has some serious flows for me.

  • I'm surprised how low Android is.  I mean, not in terms of ranking, it seems about right, but just the amount.  2.3%?  That's it?

    I have to admit that I have an Android phone, and I hardly ever go to DIYdrones using the phone.  The small screen size is just not conducive to it. 

    And Blackberry... wow.

  • I would be also interested in geo statistics (visits per country).
    Apple products are favored mostly in US. I believe in Europe numbers are probably lower.

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