Hey all,

forgive me if this has been addressed already, but i haven't been able to track down an answer in the previous issues posted here. I trying to run APM 2 with the stock firmware from the APM Planner MAV 1.0. When i connect via usb using APM Planner, i have no issues connecting, getting data, etc. When i go to run HK v.1.1.35, I select ardupilot mega, then connect, and get gibberish, until eventually the connection fails and it defaults back to gluonpilot, and continues the strange stream... Attached is a screenshot of what i am seeing....

On a side note, i am also looking to use HK for data analysis of flights using other programs, and was wondering if someone could send me one of their flights so i could look at the log file formatting and get a better idea of how post analysis works with HK....

Thanks, and my apologies if this has already been addressed. 


HK problem screenshot.png

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  • Do I need to use Mav 0.9? If so then do I need to downgrade my firmware by doing the APM Setup (Plane and Quad) using the Mission Planner 1.2 mav 0.9?

  • I seem to be having this exact same problem although I'm finding it difficult having read through this thread to establish what exactly the issue was and the steps to resolve it?

  • Hey Paul,

    Sorry for dragging this conversation on, but now that i've got your attention, i want to make the most of it!

    Some other people had commented a while back about parsing the parameters used in the raw log output files used for playback. Would you be able to shed some light on the meanings of the various parameters? To the best of my knowledge, there are 23. Some sort of chart might be really handy for people trying to look at the data. for example, differences between ALT and ALH, or TTH vs THH. Thanks in advance!


  • I believe the APM2 is running on MAVlink 1.0. My software is not compatible with that version of MAVlink. I also don't own an APM2 currently....

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