I'm working on a simple GPS Xbee tracking project.

It seems that you can directly connect a gps with NMEA output to a XBEE and send the data over to a xbee connected pc.

I've tried this but it doesn't really work. I get data but its unreadable.


My setup is the following


GPS                XBEE                               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~        XBEE       Expl board     USB PC

TX ---------------DIN                                                                     

5V ---------------5V-----------------5V Batt

GND ------------GND--------------GND Batt


I'm using a mediatek GPS set at 4800bps and two XBEE 2,4Ghz also set at 4800 bps.

On the pc side the xbee is connected with an usb explorere board and I'm using hyperterminal to read the incoming data on Com10.


Does someone have a solution to this?



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If it's the MediaTek from DIYd, how did you change it to NMEA from the custom binary protocol it ships with?

Yep, I did a factory reset and now its in nmea and can see the strings coming in when connected directly to the pc.

Nevertheless the dat I get when sending data with xbee is still unreadable.

I switched to 9600bps.

Could it be something to do with the 5V power supply to gps en xbee?

Any more suggestions??

hi, have you manage to make this working? connecting a gps dirrectly to an XBEE module? thanks

some evolution?? the same thing happened to me ... the 3DR receives  the information, but are not recognized. if I connect my GPS with the FTDI works perfectly.

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