Current Features:
Parsing for NMEA, SiRF, uBlox, MediaTek, ArduIMU Binary and AP ACSII
Record/Playback for raw datastream
Working avionics instruments
3D rendering of EasyStar, FunJet, Quad and a few other models
Google Earth and Google Maps real-time (non-KML) disply
Live video stream
Himan readable serial data stream (including binary)
Windows only

Still to come:
APM 2-way communication and configuration including in flight waypoint editing
Auto download of waypoint data for AP
Language translation file
X-Bee uploading of compiled source
Resizing and possibly drag and drop of components
Save video stream
KML file support

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Looking good! What's the ETA for release?
I'm working on the Google Earth "options" right now (camera follow modes, line colors, 3D models, etc). Then I need to make an installer. It requires DirectX, .NET 3.0 (which I think also requires .NET 1.1) and the Interop libraries. The installer isn't going to be fun. I was hoping by the end of the weekend but it's looking like next week at this point.
I would suggest one thing: Put test overlay of all the gagues over the top of google earth. Reading airspeed from a digital number vice a dial is better in most cases etc.
Google Earth is supposed to "cache" the maps. I haven't done much testing with this other than to go to my house in GE and then disconnect the internet and try again. It worked. Not sure how long it will hold that data or what all the rules are to make the cache work. I might add a routine to scan an area so everything gets loaded before taking the laptop to the field.
I am having terrible trouble getting com0com to install correctly on a Laptop with Win 7 64. I have followed the instructions to disable UAC and turn signing off but get a setupdiclassinstaller error 235. The installation does not complete correctly.

Anyone any suggestions?

Peter, have you tried the 64 bit version of com0com?
Thanks Happy, but it is just the same even with that version - error 235.

Finally fixed my com0com problems with this version of the software:

However now that I have it working there seems to be a problem (build 41394) with the Longitude translated data. Starting wth 2deg either east or west longitude the NMEA sentence shows 00200.0000,E but the translated data is 0. A start Longitude of 100,00.0000E is in the GPGLL sentence unreliably received as 01000.0000 although by clicking start/stop on the GPS emulator eventually gets the corrcet values coming through, but that doesn't work with 2degE, although if I hide the GCS and then come back to it it does show correctly translated data although quickly goes back to 0.

Pete, unfortunately, the build number has not worked out as I had hoped. The numbers are almost random. I was hoping it would work like the AutoIncrement of VB6 but it doesn't. The latest version is 1.0.21. Please download this version and try again.

Also, can you please post your regional settings (Start, Control Panel, Regional Settings). I need to know what Standards and formats country you have selected and what location language. You might need to re-type your starting lat and long in the GPS emulator.
Downloaded and ran the latest version on your code page and I get a script error at line 83 char 9. If I disregard that error it seems to run ok but with the same problem. My regional settings are:
dd MMMM yyyy
Location UK

Hope that helps.


I am getting this error when I start the new (12-07) GCS.

Wow, that line has to do with the new 3D trees layer!?!? Please download the latest GE

Then, try typing in new lat and long values in the GPS Emulator

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