HappyKillmore's Ground Control Station





Current Features:
Parsing for NMEA, SiRF, uBlox, MediaTek, ArduIMU Binary and AP ACSII
Record/Playback for raw datastream
Working avionics instruments
3D rendering of EasyStar, FunJet, Quad and a few other models
Google Earth and Google Maps real-time (non-KML) disply
Live video stream
Himan readable serial data stream (including binary)
Windows only

Still to come:
APM 2-way communication and configuration including in flight waypoint editing
Auto download of waypoint data for AP
Language translation file
X-Bee uploading of compiled source
Resizing and possibly drag and drop of components
Save video stream
KML file support

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  • Ok, thanks for the reply.


    I thinks is better to wait for ArduPilot Mega 2.0.

    Now I can buy parts for copter and think about how it will be built and read on the subject.



  • Hi

    I will build a ArduCopter and thinking about buying ArduPilot Mega 2.0 but is out of order now.

    Can I use ArduPilot ATmega 2560 1.4 and ArduIMU+ V3 instead of ArduPilot Mega IMU Shield OilPan Rev-H V1.0 ?




  • Guys,

    I uploaded the new code Arduimu 1.9 into my ArduImu V3 and pitch, roll and yaw work perfect. I use MTK gps which is connected into the ArduIMU and I have NMEA sentence from this GPS too.)
    The problem is: When I use Happy Killmore GCS it gives bad format of the coordinates - degrees and decimal. And the decimal point is at the wrong position. See the picture below or see the HKO file. The 
    Do you have any solution?

    link: http://www.penzionfermata.cz/arduimu.hko

    thank you


  • Hello,
    Happy Killmore's GCS is perfect software for me. But I bought a new version of ArduIMU V3 with mediatek GPS. Unfortunately the latest version does not support this ArduIMU. Do you plan any new version of the GCS?
    thank you

  • Happy,


    Sorry if you have answered this already, but what reciever and transmitter should be used? For example, I have the Arduino Pro Mini (16mhz 5v) and I want to talk to it from a Laptop/PC. What hardware do I need to attach onto the Arduino Pro Mini and what USB plug transmitter should I add onto the Laptop/PC?


    Also is there anyway to get the Video feed from a parrot AR (connected to a Arduino to a transmitter) to feed into your GCS?


    Thanks for the great program and GCS :)

  • yes, off-line maps... there are many places without wireless network available, specially here where i live, so i use OZ Explorer and it´s efective, but i would like to start using your software but i´ll fell the lack of map navigation.



  • Hi Happykillmore, is it possible to have the chance to load calibrated maps instead of using google earth, like OZ Eplorer uses.


  • Hi!

    I am looking for a tool to convert the raw data in the *.hko into something like shown in the "Translated Data" window. Or is there a way to save data from this window?

    Sorry if it sounds stupid but i didn't find anything useful.

  • T3

    Hi, I'm very interested in generic Mavlink support by Happykillmore GCS. It is there by a large extent, but some commands do not match, like uav modes.

    For example, mavlink protocol has 4 testing modes for MAV_MODE and I'm using 2 of them in order to switch on and switch off simulation mode in my autopilot, but HK GCS does not show them. I understand that Mavlink support in HK GCS is very tied to what APM supports, so I'm wondering, are there plans to make also "generic" Mavlink support available?




  • hi

    i seem to lose my map when i go to the flying field. i only get live camera view. is this because i have no internet connection?




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