Plano, IL

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Licesnsed FAA A&P Mechanic and Pilot. Currently own and run AOG Aviation Spares and Seginus Inc. Loved aviation since I can remember.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Fascinated with UAV's and want to give it a try.


Plano, Illinois

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Erik Hatch posted a discussion
Im trying to process my flight logs in the mission planner. i have APM version 2.012 beta which I installed to my APM using the firmware update feature. I also have the latest HappyKillmore GCS along with Google Earth and necessary plugins. After my…
Apr 10, 2011
Erik Hatch posted a discussion
Hi- In version 1.2.52 of HK GCS, where do i configure battery info? Thanks Erik
Apr 9, 2011
Erik Hatch posted a discussion
I had 2 very successful flights yesterday. Altitude hold was great, and my aircraft hit all waypoints. However, when going from point to point, the plane did not go in a straight line. it made "S" turns. Does someone know the best way to correct…
Apr 7, 2011
Erik Hatch posted a discussion
Hi All,Im wondering, while on the ground and my APM is in stabilize mode, do the control surface throws represent the current PID values for roll, pitch, and yaw? For example, if I incease/decrease the P value on roll, pitch, and yaw, will I see the…
Apr 3, 2011
Erik Hatch posted a discussion
Im now using APM 2.0 beta and the new mission planner. How do i upload mods to my APM_Config.h file? Do i still use Arduino? or is there somewhere to upload it in the new mission planner. I can see where to modify it in mission planner, just dont…
Mar 31, 2011
Erik Hatch commented on Sylvain's photo
"are there any kits available for this plane?"
Mar 30, 2011
Erik Hatch replied to UVM UAV Design Team's discussion Not getting enough thrust to sustain flight
"try a smaller prop. 10x7 is used on .40 size nitro planes 4 to 6 pounds......i think you should start with a 6" prop and see the difference."
Mar 29, 2011
Erik Hatch posted a discussion
Im wondering what the difference between "Home" location is compared to "RTL" location. Does the aircraft return to where I hand launch or the location of home? Also if i have a triangular, or square pattern for that matter, how is the aircraft…
Mar 29, 2011
Erik Hatch replied to Paul Mather's discussion HappyKillmore's Ground Control Station
i seem to lose my map when i go to the flying field. i only get live camera view. is this because i have no internet connection?
Mar 28, 2011
Erik Hatch posted a discussion
 found this link. was wondering if some people would offer their opinions. http://www.batteriesamerica.com/newpage8.htm erik
Mar 28, 2011
Erik Hatch posted a discussion
if anyone is interested i saw this to help shade glare on your laptop when trying to view your GCS while outside:compushade Erik
Mar 27, 2011
Erik Hatch replied to Dean's discussion Why does RTL cut throttle to zero?
"i retraced some of my steps too. i also noticed that my stabilize mode is not working. i switch to stabilize and the servos throw to max. the only thing i changed was added the battery monitoring code. so i commented out the battery monitoring code…"
Mar 26, 2011
Erik Hatch posted a discussion
Hi-Im looking for my next airframe. Rite now I fly the Dynam Hawk Sky. Its very docile and forgiving. Im looking to find an airframe with good lifting capability and high endurance. I plan on using APM, Mediatek GPS, wireless xbee900's, Standard…
Mar 26, 2011
Erik Hatch posted a discussion
hi-is the altitude/elev of 649 ft dispayed below from the gps? Can eye altitude be adjusted?Which version of HK GCS is this?Im having troubles with altitudes and im trying to narrow down the error.ThanksErik
Mar 25, 2011
Erik Hatch posted discussions
Mar 19, 2011
Erik Hatch posted a discussion
Hi- I have a dynam hawksy with ardupilot mega and mediatek gps setup. onboard battery is a 3 cell 11.1V 1800mah which powers everything, including the Speed 400 motor and my futaba 7c radio. what im interested in figuring out is the average…
Mar 17, 2011