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  • Happy, I'm also having an issue where the altitude in the config file, and the altitude in the waypoint file are being added and flying at the sum of the two altitudes. e.g. if the default loiter altitude is 75meters and the altitude in a waypoint file is 75m then the uav flies at 150m....perhaps this is a question for the atto team?
  • Hmmm...those two I can't say for sure. I'm using the functions Dean has given me in his spec....but I might have something wrong. Have you messed around with any of the buttons on the Control tab? Maybe you have to reset the mission to get it to read those new values? I'm not sure....
  • Hi Happy, great work on the gcs. I've been using it with my Atto 3.0 for a couple months now.

    One question though.

    I'd like to do some inflight tuning but when I change the configuration file in the gcs and upload, the changes don't seem to take effect until I land and reset Atto. I'd also like to change the default loiter altitude/speed in the config file and have it take effect while still in flight as well but no luck so far. Any advice? Thank in advance!

  • Thanks Max, cool name BTW :P

    Camera is a Samsung WP-10

    The cheapest and lightest shockproof camera I could find at the time, the lend is too narrow and I need to be at 400ft to take good photos - which is too high, would be nice to stick to around 250ft eventually.

  • Developer
    What Camera did you use photos look grate ?
  • Microsoft Ice, I think Chris Anderson suggested it here on DIYdrones, its the most idiot proof program ive used in recent history!
    Drag and drop the photos into the software, wait and save... it can miss align photos and be a little off but its quite amazing nevertheless.
  • Developer
    what was used to stich the photos together?
  • Thanks Paul & Mile, yes the music... its hard to keep everyone happy, im happy to take suggestions for the next one tho! ;)
  • Very nice work - but the music.....
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