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  • @Fokko   for sure.
  • Dionh. That is true, didn't thought about that. Maybe a sort of modular design will solve that problem. There is no doubt in my mind that the design of the DIYDrones team will be great!
  • @Fokko: there is an 3A UBEC on it
  • @ fokko      whats possible?     Yes you take regular ESC's and biuld this.
  • Yes, but if a regular ESC fail you only have to replace one which will obviously cost you less.
  • Dionh. This is also possible with regular ESC's isn't it?
  • Ok this is nice. But what happens when one fail?
  • Great! Looking forward! :-) Looks like there is no UBEC on the board. Nevertheless single LMZ14203 can do the UBEC job :-)
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    the store mentioned something about ESC a week ago?
    ESCs going out to the devs!
    ESCs going out to the devs!
  •'re not alone.... even on the developer's call we hear nothing about this stuf....until...suprise! Here's some new hardware.... Please write software for this.....I suppose DIYd operates like any big corporation.  The only difference being DIYd goes straight to production at that point.
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