Arducopter 2.0.34 Preview

Hi All, 

I just posted a new experimental version of Arducopter with new PIDs and control laws for Yaw. It's download only for now and I wouldn't recommend trying it unless you can rigorously test it. Please be careful. I've flown this in Stable, Simple, Acro, Loiter, and Alt Hold with no known issues. But you never know! This version is not yet compatible with the mission planner.


What's new:

New PIDs - I rewrote the control laws from scratch to add a PI Rate function. The end result should fly nearly identically to the current version. The nice detail is that we can use NG PID values for easy transition!

Before: ->  After

Stabilize P –> Stabilize P (Use NG values, or 8.3 x the older AC2 value)

Stabilize I –> Stabilize I (Stays same value)

Stabilize D –> Rate P (Stays same value)

–> Rate I (new)


I added a new value – an I term for rate. The old stabilization routines did not use this term. Please refer to the config.h file to read more about the new PIDs.

I added the framework for using DCM corrected Accelerometer rates. Code is commented out for now.

Added set home at Arming.

Crosstrack is now a full PID loop, rather than just a P gain for more control.
Throttle now slews when switching out of Alt hold or Auto modes for less jarring transitions

Sonar and Baro PIDs are now combined into a throttle PID Yaw control is completely re-written.



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  • I upgraded to version 2.0.37, with the same parameters as in version 2.0.35 (with which flew very well), but it was impossible to fly my quad (apparently a stable flight begins, but after about 2 seconds starts oscillate incrementally to turn around completely!). Perhaps P values ​​changed again, as in version 2.0.34?



  • I see we have a nice camera roll stab. output on channel 6 but no travel volume control and no stick input. Is that something that your are working on? Also it would be nice to have the same on channel 7 for camera Pitch.

  • John - I did not try the navigation waypoint functions yet. My main concern is having it fly manually just the way I need it. It's main function is aerial video.  I always work as a two man team for that. the camera mount is a totally separate issue from the model and it has it's own Tx. I am working on integration. But in my experience thus far, perfect camera stabilisation can only be achieved with the imu mounted on the camera base plate using 20 deg/sec gyros.  Today I want to check out the camera output function from the FC board to see if it can be used to a great enough accuracy. As cameras get better at internal stabilization we may find that the FC can deliver all what we need. 

    Maximus - Those motors are Pulso 2826/12 760kv. 5mm shaft and three bearings. Efficiency curve is much the same as the MK3638 with a 14x4.7 prop. but it has a lot more in reserve and is generally much smoother, the drawback is that they are 40 grams heavier, I like the long shaft so that the props can be hung on the correct side of the mounting. I feel that we don't have to follow every mechanical engineering mistake that Holger makes!!!!  If we go to the trouble of using a quality motor at least we should give it a chance. Prop overhang in my book = aerodynamic vibration/oscillation. IMHO only.

    A camera like the panasonic HDC-TM900 has an amazing internal stabilization system but it will pickup the slightest hint of any vibration which will induce jellow and all of the usual maladies. 

  • Hi Jason, Please could you put a copy of 2.0.37 in the download section. My IMU is mounted in between the front arms and that option isn't supported in the APM and if it is I don't now how to change it. I still use arduino and set up manually.



  • Hi Denny,

    5kg quad ...yeah !!!

    which motors do you use ?



  • I have just had a great days testing with the 2.0.37 and my settings are as follows: It is worth bearing in mind that my quad is a monster with one meter between the motors and it weighs just under 5 kilos. swinging 14.4.7 props. Not your average settings, but for those building a heavy lift quad then it may be of use. Excellent work from you guys, this stuff is great. 


    Roll Rate: P= 0.12   Pitch rate: P= 0.12  Yaw Rate: P= 0.180 

    Stab Roll P= 5.55   I=  0.015     Stab Pitch  P= 5.55   I=  0.015  Stab Yaw P=5.55  I=  0.01


    Anyone know how to get a 2.4 gig xbee working with the DIYDrones board. 




  • you should create on the mission planner specifique pid for many size frame(30cm?40cm)

    it will be more easier for all users and for you to improve the software if everybody use the same pid..on top of that a option for many size frame is good

  • Sometimes my AP wont go back from RTL to LOITER. It is getting wild and doesn't respond to anything not even to the failsafe ... can anybody tell me why?
  • do y ou have an idea when the final version will be ready?
  • As per wiki

    Log message

    2.0.37 Added rate of change limit for noisy Sonars. converted to static functions - Tridge New Throttle PIDs from Jack
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