1st Octo Flight


I finally worked up the balls to fly the thing!
Im quite impressed that it actually flew and didnt just explode on the spot after arming the motors ;)

A little wobbly, but thats more me and the shaking than anything else.
Slight drifting, however I havent done the whole in flight leveling thing.

Firmware 2.2b2 Octa. Default PIDS.
So need to tune them! Any Octo guys have some pid suggestions? (What should I change?)
Im definitely looking for sluggish movement for taking photos/videos. I dont need any aerobatics.

As far as power goes, the whole time, i wasnt using more than a 1/4 throttle, even for lift off.
It did bob up and down a bit, thats also coz my TX throttle is a little stiff...

Yaw was perfect :)

All in all, it was a successful test flight! Especially since the last thing i built and flew was the
arducopter. Going from something that weighs 1.5kg with +-3kg of thrust.
To a MONSTER that weighs 4.7kgs with +-20kgs of thrust, is quite intimidating to say the least!

This is definitely a testiment to my engenuity, and most of all an absolutely SUPERB autopilot!

Next job, PID tuning!

Till then!


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  • Alas, it was definitely TX switch failure.I knocked the TX off the table and it landed on the switch. When I checked the switch, all seemed fine. But after the crash, the mode stayed on ALT hold unless I physically held the switch down. So It wasnt code failure, hardwareware failure. It was an ID10T error...

  • Another though to consider. Did you have throttle fail safe activated so when it loses TX it will RTL? Might be worth implementing?

  • bad new about the rig Gareth, good new about the chook though. Sorry I might hv missed something, what was the one cause do you think?  Was it actually tx failure? Doesn't sound like it though. Did you try to get it back to simple mode to kill the motors or was it jammed?

  • Is it bad that I now have an absurd cartoon-like mental image of Octo vs. chicken, with all kinds of feathers, clucking, smoke and whirring all over the place? lol

    Sorry 'bout your copter!

  • Arms were/are aluminium
  • Those are pretty hefty ESCs.  Must have grounded pretty hard and knock something loose.

  • Hmm, I posted the link to that video in the wrong discussion. :-(

    At least all the electronics survived.  Were the arms CF?

  • Fortunately the chicken is fine! :) I would of never heard the end of it if I'd killed the chicken, however it might of meant a softer less damaging landing/crash...

    It was a combination of multiple things that went wrong. But all because of one single failure. From hours of thought and analysis. The events went as follows. I knocked my TX off the table the night before, on first inspection all was fine, i checked all the channels, sticks and switches. Then on "the" day. I performed all my pre-flight checks. All good.

    Then 3 or 4  minutes into the flight after doing some alt hold tuning. I had the copter on alt hold about 10m in the air. When i turned alt hold off. The copter was climbing slowly when i turned it off, yet it continued to climb. Thinking the worst - climbing until loss of TX signal then dropping like a stone - I reduced the throttle to almost nothing and thats when it switched back to stabilize. It started tumbling, I gave it throttle and it came right but not before one of the props broke and went back into alt hold mode... Shitty props, getting better composite ones!

    It hit the ground hard and in alt hold mode. Shortly after that, the one speed controller caught fire and started spewing out plumes of smoke. Only after I disconnected the batteries did the motors stop spinning.

    All in all, a horrible crash that totaled the frame and fortunately only one speed controller.

    Should be up and running again by the weekend with heavier duty aluminium arms.

  • Oh no, Gareth.  I hope the chicken is alright.

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