1st Octo Flight


I finally worked up the balls to fly the thing!
Im quite impressed that it actually flew and didnt just explode on the spot after arming the motors ;)

A little wobbly, but thats more me and the shaking than anything else.
Slight drifting, however I havent done the whole in flight leveling thing.

Firmware 2.2b2 Octa. Default PIDS.
So need to tune them! Any Octo guys have some pid suggestions? (What should I change?)
Im definitely looking for sluggish movement for taking photos/videos. I dont need any aerobatics.

As far as power goes, the whole time, i wasnt using more than a 1/4 throttle, even for lift off.
It did bob up and down a bit, thats also coz my TX throttle is a little stiff...

Yaw was perfect :)

All in all, it was a successful test flight! Especially since the last thing i built and flew was the
arducopter. Going from something that weighs 1.5kg with +-3kg of thrust.
To a MONSTER that weighs 4.7kgs with +-20kgs of thrust, is quite intimidating to say the least!

This is definitely a testiment to my engenuity, and most of all an absolutely SUPERB autopilot!

Next job, PID tuning!

Till then!


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  • @Anish: Specs are here:


    If you want frame dimensions, just shout :)

    @Ellison: I managed to cut myself bleeding last night on one of the props. And all I did was walk past and bump my hand on in. Karlas always got some or other wise crack going ;)

    @bmarshall: In theory should be able to lift 10kg. (perhaps a rocket launcher or paintball gun) >:)

    The thing dangling was a lipo monitor. I had the tm1000 telemetry connected, so I just wanted to compare voltages between the two.


  • Great first flight, looks like you've started to tamed the monster. You should be able to lift a big payload!

    What was that dangling from the copter and swinging back and forth? I could tell from the sound of the motors you were not using much power.

  • btw keen to know ur specs, esc,motor, props, frame, battery :)

  • Nice.  It must be scary with all those ginsu blades spinning. ;-)

    I like the wife, in the background, as the voice of reason, "Don't get too brave."

  • Will do :) Thanks guys!

    Let you know how it goes tomorrow!

  • Developer

    I agree with Russell. Lower your P_stab on both pitch and roll. I use around 2.8 for an octo that has a wider span than yours.

  • Try lowering P_stab, then do the in flight tuning by holding the throttle stick in the arm position for 20 sec, then just let it hover, if it drifts or leans in one direction hold throttle stick in the disarm position for 15 sec and re level. Looks great Bud!
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