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bmarshall5253 commented on Gareth Rens's blog post 1st Octo Flight
"Great first flight, looks like you've started to tamed the monster. You should be able to lift a big payload!
What was that dangling from the copter and swinging back and forth? I could tell from the sound of the motors you were not using much power."
Jan 18, 2012
bmarshall5253 replied to Sanbernar's discussion PVC hexa frame
"Great use of PVC
Have you considered lightening holes in the top and bottom of pvc arms?
Hole in the middle of the aluminum motor plates both to reduce weight and provide airflow through motors (okay I see in the part photos you do have a hole).…"
Dec 30, 2011
bmarshall5253 replied to UAV_fan's discussion turnigy 11.1V lipo battery
"Did you run the battery down after the charge in the morning? You should not drain a lipo below 2.7 volts per cell.
If you have a multimeter check the balancing lead for voltage on each cell, you may have lost one cell. Normal full charge voltage is…"
Dec 12, 2011
bmarshall5253 commented on Troy Reabe's blog post Arduino 1.0 now available
"Anybody compiled and upload arducopter with this new arduino 1.0
I've found two file have different name under arduino 1.0

1. The WProgram.h file, which provides declarations for the Arduino API, has been renamed to Arduino.h.
2. The wiring.h…"
Dec 1, 2011
bmarshall5253 commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post Scratch Built Wing on GeekStar
"Okay Trent it's up to you to resolve who is on the right track :-)
Ryan thinks you haven't got enough dihedral and I think you've got too much.
You have gone from a semi symmetrical airfoil on the easystar to a flat bottom airfoil on the Clark Y
Nov 19, 2011
bmarshall5253 commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post Scratch Built Wing on GeekStar
"Trent, love your documenting of learning aerodynamics!
1. Moving the clevis out one hole on the rudder horn reduces the rudder throw, the lengthened rudder may have fooled you, moving out one hole on the servo horn would increase throw.
2. Quick way…"
Nov 19, 2011
bmarshall5253 commented on Chris Anderson's blog post UAVs can be used to watch the watchers, too
"There is a simple solution for the police to put an end to this without trying to shoot down the copter, just claim there is an IED threat and install RF jammers on their riot vehicles. I believe Black Sheep or someone else filming over Berlin…"
Nov 18, 2011
bmarshall5253 commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post Wing Loading Testing Results
"I remember AMA clubs back in the 90's doing cross countries between two flying fields with pilots riding in the back of pickup trucks with support teams.
If Trent plans his route to avoid built-up areas and airports, rides in the back of a pickup…"
Nov 12, 2011
bmarshall5253 replied to Gareth Rens's discussion Turnigy G25 motor question
how many cell battery are you going to run them on?
recommended 14x7 is for 3S lipo and the 11x8 is for 4S lipo
You use a larger prop at lower voltage because of the lower rpm and smaller prop at higher voltage because of faster rpm to…"
Nov 7, 2011
bmarshall5253 replied to Johannes Huss's discussion HELP! - Crash report with log and video
Sorry for your loss.
I noticed how thin the slow flyer props are near the hub and I looked up on APC's site the recommended max prop speeds
for a 10" Slow Flyer prop the max is 6500 rpm (65000/10")
At full throttle a 850 kv motor wants to…"
Nov 7, 2011
bmarshall5253 commented on Sam Kelly's blog post Minimalist ArduCopter 3DR build
"Looks like a DEC Vt220 or so dumb terminal for a mini computer"
Oct 25, 2011
bmarshall5253 replied to Denny Rowland's discussion Some Fun Stuff
"Does Duey still have enough foam that it will float with the camera out of the water? Looks like the battery pack counter balances the camera and keeps the CG is in the middle of the quad.What camera are you using, I noticed in your videos that the…"
Oct 24, 2011
bmarshall5253 commented on Ahmed Rehan's blog post Modified HK FPV platform
" I like how you extended the motor mount for a bigger prop, have you got a close up picture that shows more detail of that motor mount? Which HK model did you start with?
Oct 1, 2011
bmarshall5253 replied to James Roney's discussion REALLY REALLY REALLY EASY Magnetic Declination.
"A problem with this site is that you cannot directly print the info, you get the map without the info balloon. You have to use Alt Print Scn to copy the browser window to the clip board and then paste it into another app to print.
The NOAA site is a…"
Jul 13, 2011
bmarshall5253 replied to Matt Westoby's discussion ArduCopter altitudinal limit?
"Matt, when are you planning to go, how much lead time is there? Maybe members can do some testing for you."
Jul 13, 2011
bmarshall5253 replied to Matt Westoby's discussion ArduCopter altitudinal limit?
"16,404 feet you might have problems with battery performance in the cold temps and with the electronics.
If you look at the manuals of digital cameras and other equipment most of them are not designed to operate above 12,000 feet or so. The ATMega…"
Jul 13, 2011