Modified HK FPV platform


I made following modifications

wing span increased to 74 in

root cord 12inch

Tip cord 9inch

Tested with 2x8000mah Tenergy pack

got 1hr endurance

Di-hedral 4inch from wing tip 

IT is very hard to turn from aileron will reduce the di-hedral to 2inch

Prop apc 1407E will test 1412E

Takeoff weight was 4000grams



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  • i fly mine with one 5000ma 3s pack and get 40 min of flying perhaps the weight of the extra battery is causing low flight times and mine balances perfectly

  • Looking forward to seeing your parachute setup, please give as much info on it as possible.


  • Added Parachute to it for landing worked good it lands upside down. will post photo later. 

  • 1. Today tested with 2x  5200mah pack FMA revelectric battery.

    got about 45 min of flight with enough power left to take off and it easily take off again had 2 circuits and landed i think it can make 1hr.

    2. The dihedral were reduced to 1.75inch at tips and aileron were working fine.

    3. Take off weight was around 3600grams.

    4. Next will add parachute and APM.

  • Emax Brushless Motor

    This is the motor :


  • Rehan, nice one you have. may I know the motor KV and make.. I like to modifiy mine from front motor to middle motor like yours..thanks

  • 1. madhuran wilson :Hand launched pretty easily enough power 

    2. bmarshall5253 : Used HK FPV-168 , will post close up picture of mount but it is a simple extension with aluminium plates.

    3. Joscht Laznyk : you mean with 4kg of weight you are achieving 45min with 6000mah can you share  your setup motor/ prop/ battery make type how did u mange to balance the aircraft with 6000mah pack as nose need much more weight to balance.


    The new wing is fiberglass over foam core not built up in balsa.

  • Oops...didn't see the all up weight...that would explain it to some degree.

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    But surely 2.3Kg and 4Kg AUW is a big part of the difference... that is almost double the weight, and the wing area is between yours and his is not that much, I think? But I am really trying to hook someone into doing some calculations here so that I can learn from them ;)

  • Moderator

    I haven't done the math, but this sort of battery multiplying often results in similar seemingly paradoxical minor gains on the quads... I suspect the "same weight" is for the aircraft w/o battery weight. The additional weight of the 10Ah extra in battery comes with a sustained weight throughout the flight, so while it might be 260% electrical capacity, it comes at a substantial weight penalty, so it does not yield 260% flight time increase. A 30% flight time increase might not be unreasonable. But I haven't done the math here, even though it is similar to other calculations I've make for a quad.

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