Minimalist ArduCopter 3DR build

Hi guys, I just wanted to share some photos of my minimalist ArduCopter 3DR. The APM is using Jason Short's power hack, a Spektrum adapter, and a DSM2 remote Rx. the OilPan is standard except for the compass, which is one of the first ten or so HMC5883L prototype boards from a while ago. The rest of the frame is mostly stock (arms, ESCs, motors), but the stack-up is a little shorter than usual, and the legs are the never-sold easy-break kind. Flying this one outside the 3DR shop has been a blast!

3689426335?profile=original3689426286?profile=original3689426301?profile=originalHappy hacking :)

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  • The APM probably has more computing power than that old PC...:-)


    Kudo though. Nice build. Tidy wiring too. Where is the Spektrum adapter btw?

  • Looks like a DEC Vt220 or so dumb terminal for a mini computer

  • @ Andre, 950 grams w/o battery, 1350 g with a 5000mAh 3 cell Turnigy.

  • How much does the setup weigh ?

  • Did you upload firmware to APM with that PC? :)

  • Distributor

    Very nice Arducopter 3DR build, esp the old PC :-)








  • 3D Robotics
    The legs on Sam's quad are skinnier and don't have the holes for te support spacers. We found these broke very easily so for the final version we made them stronger. Surprisingly though Sam has had these for over a week and they are in one piece....
  • Good stuff - keep shrinking it down.  Approx how much shorter is this stack than the norm?  I like that leg configuration. Please explain why "never-sold easy-break".


    Nice retro monitor & keyboard - very classy.



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