RC Rx Serial output display with Arduino for Tx setup ease.

  This little sketch lets you use an Arduino to read the output signals from your RC Rx and displays them to the terminal window.




















RC_input_serial_PRINT.pde Download here


    This could be use for testing the 6 position switch output signals, throttle positions, custom mixes, and much more.

Connect the RC Rx Outputs 1-4 and Ground to the Arduino. GND to GND, (Ch 1  pin 9) (Ch 2  pin 10) ( Ch 3 pin 11) (Ch 4 pin 12).  Set Terminal window to 56700.  Displays every 2 seconds.


An Arduino is a very useful tool to have in the tool box.

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Comment by I.S. on June 11, 2011 at 7:26am

Nice little simple sketch Russ.




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