Recently I have designed a great Hexcopter that works very well with my APM board. 

Unfortunately, the wires from my telemetry unit fatigued and broke which set m on the path to replacing all my cables. 

I have discovered that Pixhawk uses the DF13 Connectors and the APM uses a slightly different style of micro connector.

Can someone please help me find a purchase location for the APM and Pix hawk connector plugs and cables.

Hope you guys can help. I cant launch my business until I get this straitened out.



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  • OK what means that your FC is a clone ? Cheap deals never go far way !

    Forget cables ! Thats the problem of white brands.

  • Developer
    The APM from 3DR robotics uses DF13 connectors. The other suppliers have used other types.
  • Justin, why you don't buy what you need at Unammned Teck in UK ?

    I'm pretty sure that you'll find what you looking for on this page : http://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk/connector-cables/



    • Thank you,

      I have figured out whats going on here and I also found the wiring diagram for connecting gps to Pixawk.

      Appreciate your help very much.

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