APM plane 3.1.1 stall prevention?

Just a quick question, I did search but couldn't find anything except that 3.2 was updated with stall prevention and I was wondering if 3.1.1 actually has stall prevention?

I know... I could just install 3.2 right? But I had some problems with newer versions some time ago and now my apm is installed deep in my plane.

Will save me a lot of hassle knowing I could just stick with 3.1.1

Thanks in advance


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  • Yeah its only came in on 3.2.0 and its on by default.


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  • Specifically my question could be read as:

    I can't see stall prevention in parameters using 3.1.1 so was it newly introduced in 3.2 or was the ability to configure it introduced in 3.2 and it's always on by default in 3.1.1?

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