Hi, my name is Óscar and I'm working on a drone project.

I built my drone, test it several times and it flies OK. However, I just acquired a laptop and installed APM Planner 2 and can't get my APM board to connect to it since the APM Planner 2 won't detect COM ports.

I can connect my APM to a desktop I have and to my mobile phone though the radio, it's just the laptop. It uses windows 8 (I think it is compatible though).

Does anyone have a clue of what is happening, how to solve it or simply has the same problem?

Thanks in advance,

Óscar Moreno García.

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  • Developer

    Which board are you using? The issue you are experiencing is that the USB port might not be putting out enough power. Try connecting when using a battery on the drone as eel or over telemetry radios. Otherwise use a powered USB HUB.

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