APM Planner Feature you might have missed

Hi everybody,


i thought i might do a post on some feature that most people may not know about. so here goes.


1. HUD, if you double click the hud it will popout, allowing you to run the hud full screen, on a seconds screen.

2. Tuning, if you enable tuning and double click tuning you can graph any data that is availbale in the status tab. this means you can have alt, attitude, or many other options. in real time.

3. Speed Guage, double click this and you can modify the max scale you want to display.

4. Nmea output to serial port, press control-g and you wil get a box asking for a comport and baud rate to output standard nmea data at 2 hz, to any serial port. ie use com2com to emulate a serial port to use with third party applications.

5. Custom imagery, press control-F  this allows you to upload your own orthophotos. use will require Globalmapper, as this is currently one of the key steps in exporting in the required format for use in the planner.

6. Prefetch, this is on the flight planner tab and allows you to draw a box to download the selected imagery of a location, so you dont require internet while your at the field.

7. Grid, this is on the flight planner tab to, this allows you to draw a polygon (right click) and automaticly create waypoints over the selected area. NOTE there is no island detection, other advanced polygon features.

8. Setting your home location to the current location is easy, just click "Home Location" above where you enter your home location, and it will set your home location to the current coords.


Hopefully you find some of this useful.



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  • Hi Michael,

    Have a Windows 10 laptop and Control-x is bringing up a display external video option instead of vehicle switching. Would you know how one would change that?



  • Hi Michael,

    Do you still monitor this page ?

    Anyway, I'm toying with the idea to try and set up a local " Auto Mission" competition/get together/fun thing.

    And what I would like to have in place, is the opposite of the "no fly zones", I would like a "only fly in this area" function.

    That way, you lose points/face, if your aircraft strays outside of the box.

    The idea is you download your flight to a scoring computer, get points for speed, accuracy, and completion of the mission :-)

    We do have some vast agricultural areas fairly close by, where a crash might just scare a sheep or two !

    (And a very long walk to retrieve wreckage......)

    Anyway, just a thought, and a chance of getting some badly needed public support ?

    • Why not just use the geofence?
      • I thought about that, but it implies that a single "scoring"computer would need to upload the same task to each aircraft.

        My idea is that you have a given task, with your own selected waypoints/route/mission, to complete as quickly, and accurately as possible.

        Without breaching certain boundaries.

        Like, "inside this polygon you can fly, outside you loose points"

  • Under "Optional Hardware,

    there is Compass/Motor calibration screen.

    How does it work ?



  • Michael - Any update on when we'll be able to use a Maestro-enabled antenna tracker on APM planner for Mac?  Thanks a lot

  • Straight line mission...

    Ok, I need to set up a "straight line" mission, where the wing would fly down a road/track of about 80 Km, and then loiter, until I establish manual control.

    Mission Planner tells me "Too long, too many waypoints ".

    How do I work around this ?



    • Developer

      the elevation graph has a length limit (imposed by google). try the "view kml" option. and look at it in google earth.

      • Where would I find the Grid feature, Verify Height feature, and the Elevation Graph in APM Planner v2.0.8?

        • Right click on the planner screen....

This reply was deleted.


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