Does anyone know if there is a preferred way of connecting the APM Power Module and if ordering in reverse will damage any components?  I know one end is for LiPo while other is for ESC but no specific order is specified anywhere that I can find.

Appreciate any feedback.

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This graphic will show you how the PM is connected between the LiPo battery and the ESC/Power Distribution Board: Power Module


TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

That's a great image thanks for the share.  Any idea if going the other way will hurt anything? I'm trying help not having to make all new connections on every battery and ESC I own.  I could always just make a short adapter for both ends but just curious on direction preference.


Reversing the battery and ESC connection will damage the PM. Do not do that! The XT-60 connectors on each end of the PM are industry standard configurations. If you have batteries and ESCs with reversed XT-60 connectors, then you have not configured them to industry standards.


TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

Thanks for the update.  Not surprised I setup them up all wrong.  Time to start soldering.

If you look closely on the XT60's you will see a + and a - on the corresponding terminals.Please be very careful soldering as shorting out the battery terminals may lead to a fire in LiPo batteries if not caught quickly.

That I do know, however I was unaware that there was an industry standard in terms of what is to be connected to the male and female ends for XT60.

Always appreciate the why, makes perfect sense.  It appears as though I should order up more XT60s.  If I had this framework to begin with I wouldn't have spent so much money on them, someone is making my money I'm spending.

Thanks again!

The batteries would have come with correct connector preinstalled. So fix the matching connector to device you like to install.  Like T.Buttler  pointed out, the reasoning for "why" is  common sense and bit of safety.  Check twice before you  plug in power source as LiPo are unforgiving if shorted.

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