HI there folks.  I hate to have my first post be a request for help, but I wanted to see if I could solve this before ordering another PM.

I finished wiring up the APM Power Module I recently purchased and upon applying power I get 12V where I should get 5V (on the test point on the back side, as well as the red lead on the APM connector).  My soldering job looks adequate and I don't think I over heated it, but I'm wondering where to start short of digging through the schematics and starting from scatch.  Anybody had the same experience?



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Can you post a picture?

Here ya are.  I've checked for obvious cold joints or bridges and nothing stands out.  I figure the small black 5 pin guy there has to be the regulator.

Hi Steve,

as far as I see from the photo above, the issue is you don't have power regulator PTH08080WAH (made by Texas Instruments) installed. Original 3DR PM has another small regulator module on the back side of board, if you turn it around, you can see the outlined place for this regulator on the PCB's surface. It is being installed using those 5 holes you can see on the PCB.

The regulator's cost is around $8..$10. Plus you'll need precision resistor 0.05W with 1% temperature stability with rating 228...117 Ohm depending on what output voltage will you need.

Additional information on this regulator and resistor ratings you can get here: http://www.ti.com/product/pth08080w

That small 5-pin guy you mentioned above is used for current/voltage measuring. 

And yes, DON"T CONNECT non-original 3DR Power Module WITHOUT MEASURING THE OUTPUT VOLTAGE! Otherwise +12V will damage your APM with 100% probability.

Thanks for the reply.  As is always the danger with buying cloned hardware off of ebay, I didn't get what I paid for.  Luckily the seller had already realized their error before I even emailed them and refunded my payment.  I ended up buying one direct from 3DR

Hola Tengo el Mismo módulo y no enciende APM 2.5  NO FUNCIONA.

Pudiste solucionar el problema?


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