I recently bought this :


In order to be able to read voltage levels AND power the APM unfortunately without success, my APM board is fully functional when connected via the USB port and I have even carried out the calibration without a hitch, just no power from my 3s Lipo ..

I revisited the problem and noticed that my PWR module is missing what I believe is the the 5V switching regulator ..  ( yellow part )

If anyone could tell me what component this is, maybe I could order it and get the board to work, if not then even an alternatvie part which can also do the job ..

attached is a photo of what I think the PWR module should look like ..

Finally, why would ebay or other shops supply these modules without the regulator ??

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It looks like the whole 5.3V regulator is missing. It's normally on the little board that's soldered into the 5 pin holes.

That's how some clones are sold on ebay. Sometimes the regulator is optional. I noticed that while searching for a power module with a lower profile because my 3DR power module is too thick for my frame.

You probably have 0V on the 5V tab if you measure it.

I had a similar issue when first putting together my TBS Discovery.

Power module turned up with the regulator missing. Thankfully I checked the output voltages on the 6pin cable before connecting it to the APM as the 5v line was supplying the full 12.6v from the 3s lipo.

Best thing to do with it, is either send it back for a refund or bin it. Either way you need a better one than that.

This is what happens when you buy cheap useless junk made by 5yr old child labor in china that pretends to be the same as a quality made 3DR product. This happens to almost everyone that buys one of those cheap junk fake power modules. They don't come with the 5v regulator.  Congratulations, you bought a power module with no power output.  Throw it away and buy the real one from 3DR.

Don't worry about the 12.6V you measured, it is not a problem at all. Simply place the smallest load you can find on the 5V line and it will fall to 0V. Perfectly safe to attach to your APM. It need not go in the bin.

Oh it didn't, I messaged the seller, explained the problem and sent it back for a full refund.

Then I bought one from unmannedtechshop.co.uk and it's been spot on for the last 7 months.

you must order 5v this regulator or you can take one BEC and conect to that pcb 


Yes I found this BEC after looking at the EAGLE files related to the PWR module but didnt know this would work

Could you please tell me the name of it or where I can get one ..


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