I have the new apm pro mini from china. Had it working great until it stopped connecting. All I have is a solid green power and no action lights. Assuming ive bricked it, I've been everywhere on the net to see how to flash the bootloader etc. But all I can find is instructions for the 2.x mega board. Im not sure where to connect the usbavr adapter pins to access the bootloader. I'll include some attachments of the board and what info I was able to dig up. I've contacted the seller and they've agreed to send a new one, but I would like trying to fix it myself as it is 30days to return and then 30 more to get the new one. Ive already purchased the 10pin to 6pin usbavr adapter which I assume is what I need, I just cant figure where the pins attached to. Any help would be great! Thxs.

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What firmware did you loaded? If you're loaded with Arduplane V3.* you'll need to plug in the GPS module/external compass to get the heartbeat back and link to mission planner.  It works for me.  One more think sometime the pin connected to GPS/compass module loose pin wire.


did you have lucky ?

Mine is in same situation.


After some research, I found the ISP pins.

and the order of pins are on next píctures.

After connecting usbasp and burning bootloader I could flash again software and the board is ok now.


Wow, I've been waiting for over 5 months to a solution to this problem. If it works for me I will be greatly appreciative. Can u post a diagram or mapping for what pin goes where? It is hard to see in the photos...much thanks!

Up Border of board with RC inputs on your left side - my thumb

Remember - USBASP must be 3.3 Volts - you will be flashing the microcontroller directly

First I was finding all pins and then look at connectors - on my mind, somehow the manufacturer must flash the firmware after the board ready, so must be a connector somewhere - and exists :)

So I soldering some jumpers wire, connecto to my USBASP programmer, flash the bootloader and reflash Arducopter firmware, after reboot the board and connect on mission planner I remove the wires - be carefully with solder - the pins are very close

What .hex file and please attach link to file, I am ready to flash but I don't know what hex to use.
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Are all pins used?


first, after connecting USBASP you must on arduino IDE reflash the bootloader.

Then, remove usbasp and using USB cable plugged on usb port open mission planner and on Initial Setup/Install firmware.

Adruino IDE open now what? Not use before. I try with avrdudes and not work. I have stk500v2mega2560.hex and
Stk500boot.c files, which one and how to flash with arduino ide? Almost there...


have you have experience dealing with arduino ?

You need first reflash arduino's bootloader - it's something like SO for arduino.


If you dont reflash bootloader, even if reflash your firmware, your board will stay unfunctional because without bootloader the board are useless

i have some problem with my APM Pro, when i try to download datalog, the mission planner doesnt working, have you any suggest to fix it ?
Best Regards Dani

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