Hey Guys,

In need of some help. Im trying to mount the motors facing downwards in my quadcopter  with apm. what is the procedure to do so ? Can i simply Face the motors down invert the propellers and fly ?

Please help me out in solving this issue. Is APM compatible with this configuration ? Should i do some modifications in the firmware ?

Thank you in advance.

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  • flight controller could not care less about it :)

    Just make sure the propellers are right-side-up (same as when mounted upwards) and motor rotation direction is correct (needs to be changed)  - and it will fly fine.

    • i tried 2 configurations

            1st config : no 1 and no 2 motors clock wise and no 3 and no 4 motors counter clockwise

             Result         : It was yawing to one direction , tried reversing the yaw signal but it would again do same in opposite side

             2nd config : motor no 1 and 2 were counter clock and motors 3 and 4 were clock wise

             Result       :  It was trying to lift but after 60 % throttle there is no effect of throttle and its again yawing 

      Please help me out with this issue .


      • just read about connection and motor direction at copter.ardupilot.com - no need for random trying

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