APM throttle management

Hi folks,

I am new to using APM and mission planner. Is there a way to set the throttle level through mission planner?

For instance when i set a waypoint can i program the apm to navigate to the next waypoint at a faster throttle, and then change throttle value yet again?

Or does the apm always choose what throttle level to use and how? If so is it the most efficient throttle level?


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  • T3
    If altitude hold works, then you get loiter to work, then you can try auto missions. Waypoints set altitude and the mission planner sets default speed between waypoints. You can change the speed with the command DO_SET_SPEED. If you do change the throttle in any of the above flight modes the copter changes altitude. Raise it above middle it climbs, lower it and it reducing altitude.
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