I took the tri out a bit ago for a test hover on a new battery to try and get a baseline for battery consumption. All went well, no crash or hard landings...


I just tried to take a second flight and the APM will not init. After powering the tri the APM goes through its init routine, and then the front blue and red flash back and forth as normal, pause then repeats. It never stops this sequence and the tri can not be flown.


I have not tried resetting the APM yet (code reset) as i rather not lose my auto level, so i thought i would ask here before i did.


Any ideas? Nothing has changed since the last flight.

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Oh forgot to mention. I can connect with MP but the hud is dead, i suspect this is because the init routines never complete.


Also I have been running the latest 2.0.39 for awhile now and even tried uploading the latest from the svn no-go,

This happens to me when manually uploading code via Arduino IDE

I have never had this issue and have always used Arduino IDE since early 2.0.x release:)

Well i tried a reset and a new setup, it did not help any.


I tried loading the code from the MP (although the version in MP will not work since it needs patched for my tail) which did not help either.


I tried loading quad code as well, no go.


It worked fine this am so i dunno. I do have another shield i could try... The shield on it now is one i just got back from being repaired.

Sounds like a hardware issue; if you check your tests you'll probably find it's failing at IMU startup. The fact that your board has failed before suggests that it's got some structural issue making it vulnerable to vibration. Please PM me about getting you a new board.

PM sent Chris. Thanks!

My shield appears to have to went bad, replacing it with another fixes the issue. Problem solved :(

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