i have a problem:

i have a 450 Helicopter with 120° swashplate WITH flybares. 

two in front and one in the back. 

but i cant figure out how to setup the Pitch servo. 

roll works as i should as on stick input as well es when i roll the heli manually it will counter-react to stabilize the motion. 

but pitch... if a calibrate radio as i know from my hexa that the green bar moves in opposite direction as stick input the swash-plate reaction is wrong... 
same in stabilize mode if i tilt to the front the swash-plate tilts front to...

Collective also works as it should.. i i push collective up the swash goes up...

just pitch won'T work as it should..

the board orientation is correct to the horizon works as it should... just the reaction on pith is inverted.... 

i have no idea whats going wrong.... please help me 

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Flybarless is known to work, Flybar code is not used by many pilots and doesn't have the best reputation. Tridge eliminated many bugs - are you using latest version 3.4.5 ?

Suggestion: check Flybarless (yes, I know you have a Flybar) just to find out if servos work correct (don't try to fly !). If they do, it might be a bug in the Flybar code, if not it is very likely a mistake in setup.

Did you do correct channel assignment(?) and servo directions in your Tx to get correct movement in Radio Calibration ?

After Radio Calibration you must not use the Tx to do any servo reversing - NEVER EVER ! All servo reversing must be done in Heli Setup or Full Parameter List/Tree (H not RC parameters).

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