I finally received my card APM2;) It was pretty fast, because I chose not mounted version.
But, on the Wiki pages there anything that you want on the apM1, but the tutorials APM2 are rare. He remains on the forum, but as English is not my native language is not simple to understand.

For now, I set up my card and plugged into the RC, my motors. This works, but I still have a lot of things to see before my first flight.
On my four engines, only three run continuously. The engine only turns him one when I Trottle the bottom and also Yow. As soon as I drop the sticks of one or the other, the engine 1 stops.
Do you know why?

thank you

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  • Thank you for this link.

    No I did not try this ;)

    I test it and cam back to you.

    I'm French so my native langage is French ;)
     and this in not to easy for my to read and whrite English.

    One mor question :

    What is CLI ?



  • Hello.

    Did you perform the ESC  calibration? CLICK HERE

    What is your native language? We have many languages represented here.


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Aug 25