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Hello Robotics enthusiast, (I finished 16th in France Cup loa robotics) I, got started in the manufacture of a drone (Quad) but it is not so obvious to make it fly. So I need your help;) Here is a quick presentation. We will meet around a few issues of course. So thank you for your help. Yves PS My English is not great so sorry in advance for Google translation;)

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

My first realization was a basis for THE Wii. Then I mounted: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__21977__HobbyKing_Multi_Rotor_Control_Board_V3_0_Atmega328_PA_.html But I would move to a more complete solution. therefore this: https://store.diydrones.com/Full_ArduPilot_Mega_kit_from_Udrones_p/kt-apm-02.htm Or this: https://store.diydrones.com/APM_2_0_Kit_p/br-ardupilotmega-03.htm

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Yves replied to Yves's discussion APM2
"Thank you for this link.
No I did not try this ;)
I test it and cam back to you.

I'm French so my native langage is French ;)  and this in not to easy for my to read and whrite English.

One mor question :
What is CLI ?


Jun 16, 2012
Yves posted a discussion
Hello I finally received my card APM2;) It was pretty fast, because I chose not mounted version. But, on the Wiki pages there anything that you want on the apM1, but the tutorials APM2 are rare. He remains on the forum, but as English is not my…
Jun 16, 2012
Yves replied to Yves's discussion Livraison
"J'ai reçu ce matin un mail de DiyDrones m'annonçant que mon colis à été envoyé. (commandé le 6 envoyé le 19. Ça reste raisonnable si le transporteur assure ;)

Merci en tout cas pour cette réponse.

Jun 9, 2012
Yves posted a discussion
Hello I ordered a card "ArduPilot 2.0 Mega Kit, Not Assembled" (Drone on Diy course). But I have no estimated date of delivery. You who have ordered (for France) you know how long it is supposed to happen to. As a child once the decision I look…
Jun 6, 2012
Yves replied to Yves's discussion Choosing a radio
"No of course I just wanted to say it's the price was preferable not to make mistakes. Yet, here it is clearly indicated on the sales site (HK)
Note* Mode1 transmitter. Throttle is on the right stick.…"
Jun 3, 2012
Yves replied to Yves's discussion Choosing a radio
"OK Thank you.

Better to ask at this price no ?"
Jun 3, 2012
Yves posted a discussion
Hello I'm new here and thank you for hosting me I hope to improve my knowledge Here I am in robotics for quite some time and I started for the first time in the manufacture of a drone (Quad). Everything seems to work but here I have to acquire on a…
Jun 2, 2012