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I'm new here and thank you for hosting me I hope to improve my knowledge

Here I am in robotics for quite some time and I started for the first time in the manufacture of a drone (Quad).
Everything seems to work but here I have to acquire on a radio.
I could buy a radio single but if I want to deepen and later get into other projects Helicopter Aircraft, etc. .. ) I have to probably buy an RC fairly complete first blow.

I'm quite tempted by a Futaba 10CHG with Recepter R6014HS which of course is disproportionate to my actual use but hey I know ...

The problem is I can not find it in Mode 2.
I know the difference between mode 1 and mode 2 and without really knowing why, I would feel better in mode 2. in addition, everything I've read on Heli Quads and they are usually driven in Mode 2.

Don a first question, is it possible to switch modes?
Buy a Mode 1 and Mode 2 use it? I know some commands support both modes.

If it is not possible, what are the implications of a switch to?
Note that I have no habit.

And if not, you know or find available in mode 2?

Thank you for your answers.


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  • I second the 9x option

    Add a smartieparts board and a frsky telemtry system. requires a few internal mods and a wee bit of tricky soldering but well worth it. for about 140 bucks you can get an awesome 8 channel system plus if you want more channels you can plug another transmitter module into the trainer port for another 8 channels. if you dont want to do the soldering you dont have to, the smartieparts board is solderless. the soldering will be if you want the telemetry - get the battery volts on the quad displayed on the screen as well as link quality etc.

    you can set up all your mixes and switches and curves on the PC then transfer to 9x with usb!

    9x - $53 - the basic remote

    frsky - $38 - needed to get fail-safes

    smartieparts - $45 - gives you a backlight and the usb port for programming

    to change from mode 1 to 2 on a 9x is easy. change the spring from one side to the other and move the tension bar and screw to the other side.

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    I'm very happy with my Futaba T8FG Super. So happy I bought a second one. I would recommend looking at it if you are considering the 10CHG. It does look like HK is mostly selling these two as mode 1, but if you look at google shopping, you'll find other vendors selling these, and some are a bit cheaper than HK. I might get some cheaper TX systems, based on their hackability, ability to accept telemetry mods. But as a rock solid, configurable, quality-feeling transmitter, I do like the futaba T8FG. 

  • Make sure you get the proper mode radio you want.  The hardware is NOT the same.  The throttle has no spring on it, so it does matter which mode radio you get unless you want to be opening it and messing with springs.

    Mode 1 is a left handed radio.  Mode two is right handed.

  • No of course I just wanted to say it's the price was preferable not to make mistakes.

    Yet, here it is clearly indicated on the sales site (HK)

    Note* Mode1 transmitter. Throttle is on the right stick.


  • OK Thank you.

    Better to ask at this price no ?

  • For the price of the Futaba 10CHg, i think you should change the mode on the radio.

    On my Hitec Aurora 9, i can change the flying mode and change any chanel to other ( for example change throtle to rudder ) on the config screen of the radio.

    (ps: ça doit passer comme une lettre a la poste ^^ )


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