APM2 and Futaba R6107SP PPM Sum


I'm new in the APM2 world, and I have some trouble between APM2 and my Futaba PPM Sum receiver.

I activated PPM sum on the board (solder between PPM and CH5 pads), but no luck with it, no way to get a valid signal.

Do you have a solution? I prefer dealing with only one wire between APM and receiver...

With a classic 7 channels receiver I have some success with Stabilize, Alt hold, loiter (+-). Acro mode is a NoGo for the moment due to real sloppy flight - cannot find the right P for that in the Arducopter mission planer.

Thanks for help,


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  • My PPM sum of my FrSky TFRSP (Futaba compatible) also didnt work with ArduCopter. But it worked perfectly with ArduPlane.

  • I, too, would like some help here.  I haven't seen instructions on how to activate PPM (apart from this post, thanks!)

    I have Spektrum Satellite receivers.  I even bought the level shifter along with my APM2 (if that is even needed).  I have the APM2 working with a normal receiver but I would really like to reduce the wire mess.

    Where do I start?  My googlefu has failed me.

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