I'm new in the APM2 world, and I have some trouble between APM2 and my Futaba PPM Sum receiver.

I activated PPM sum on the board (solder between PPM and CH5 pads), but no luck with it, no way to get a valid signal.

Do you have a solution? I prefer dealing with only one wire between APM and receiver...

With a classic 7 channels receiver I have some success with Stabilize, Alt hold, loiter (+-). Acro mode is a NoGo for the moment due to real sloppy flight - cannot find the right P for that in the Arducopter mission planer.

Thanks for help,


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I, too, would like some help here.  I haven't seen instructions on how to activate PPM (apart from this post, thanks!)

I have Spektrum Satellite receivers.  I even bought the level shifter along with my APM2 (if that is even needed).  I have the APM2 working with a normal receiver but I would really like to reduce the wire mess.

Where do I start?  My googlefu has failed me.

There is some info in the Wiki and a msg at the end of the PPM sum wiki page. Somebody had some success with his PPM Sum. PPM Sum Wiki

No luck with the Futaba receiver.

Were you successful connecting your Spektrum satellite receiver on APM2 from my side,I tried everything described in the wiki on "PPM Sum " the satellite bind with the transmitter DX8 ,(I feed the satellite receiver with 3.3volts) orange LED ON  but looking in MP "Radio calibration" nothing move .


It is like APM2 is looking for an 8 channels signal. If the PPM sum is with 7 (Futaba) or less, there is no luck.

I ordered a FrSky Futaba 8 channel PPM sum compatible receiver. Keep you in touch if I have some good results with it.


If I remember correctly the problem with PPM modified FASST receivers is that the hacked PPM signal is not standard (inverted).

Number of PPM channels should not matter as long as it is 8 channels or less. The APM2 decoder just increments a channel counter each PPM pulse, and resets to zero when it receives the PPM termination pulse. So having for example 5 streams just mean that the value of the last 3 channels will never change.

My PPM sum of my FrSky TFRSP (Futaba compatible) also didnt work with ArduCopter. But it worked perfectly with ArduPlane.

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