Hi Folks,

My pregnant wife is less temperamental than the connection to my new APM2.

It really is hit or miss getting it to connect. I've tried via xbee (both UART0/2 but more successful on UART0 on the side of the APM) as well as USB (with the "reset after connect" thing).

With xbee, I can connect, get everything and then disconnect and try again within a minute (nothing else changes) and no connection. The same happens with USB - it will work then immediately not work. 

With and without the SD card does not seem to make any difference. Sometimes it works one way, sometimes it works the other way.

it seems a good mix of just outright not able to connect along with a lot of connection but then failing to get the param list. I get the following until it times out:

Trying to load new firmware is less problematic but does have connections issues from time to time.

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I also get these retrys with my new apm2 that Ive just got, any ideas guys ??

Do you get the retries when connected via USB? (Probably not)

Do you get the retries if you use a FTDI cable or other USB to serial conversion (or even a real serial port) to the UART0 ports?



USB for me

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