• this is how i have connected mine with futaba 7C. Channel1-APM IN1;Channel2; APM IN2; Channel3 directly to ESC; Channel 4 APM-IN4; Channel6 APM-IN3; channel7 APM-IN5 (mode); channel5 APM-IN7 (gyro gain), works fine.  set the travel limit of servoes through Mission Planner. wehn u set the end points of servos the green/grey bar should be between the red lines. bit tricky to setup.

  • This wiki page should give you an idea on what connecting where:

    Basically, Same for APM2, OP1 is Left Servo, OP2, Right, etc.

    And for the input, IP1 conects from your futaba's Aileron, IP2 from Elevator, etc.

    By looking at your pictures, you seem to have gotten it correct.

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