I'm just getting started with my new APM 2.0 and I've been stalled all night on without any luck in my searches through the forums and FAQ's..  I would appreciate any suggestions that will help me program this device.. Not sure if I'm missing something simple or this is actually a problem..

  In Mission Planner 1.2.2 mav 1.0, when I try to connect to or upload firmware to the APM2, I continually receive the error:
  Can not establish a connection. The port 'COM 3' does not exist.

Attempted Resolutions:
- Restarted machines, applications, etc..
- Reassign APM to COM 1 in device manager - -- UNSUCCESSFUL - Not possible to reassign com ports for this device
- MP is seeing the device on the correct port and instantly displays any changes in COM 1 or 2 - tried reassigning them higher numbers to see if the APM would slot in to COM1 -- UNSUCCESSFUL)
-Tried different USB cable -- UNSUCCESSFUL
- MP was installed, as were the drivers however device manager shows Arduino Mega 2560 (COM3) but properties indicate that drivers are not installed. Attempted to install driver downloaded from the google code repository. (screenshot below)  -- UNSUCCESSFUL

Running Environment:
 MP is running on a Windows XP SP3 virtual machine on a Mac running OSX 10.7.5
 Recreated problem on windows XP Pro on a PC machine to ensure the virtual machine wasn't causing this problem.  

Errors:  (FYI: What appears to be a second MP window open behind the main is only a screen shot, not a second instance of the application, if this makes a difference!)

Device appears on correct com port (Verified in device manager). MP is seeing the device.

Error message when attempting to click the ArduCopter link (to upload the firmware)

Similar error when attempting to connect to the APM

Driver not installed:

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you need to properly install the drivers

Thanks Alex, 

   I've tried installing both of the drivers listed in the referenced article and I even experience the same freezing issue until the APM2 is unplugged..  Unfortunately, installing either or both of the two drivers in the folder C:\Program Files\APM Planner\Drivers still doesn't fix this issue.  

I've also tried to install the drivers in C:\Program Files\APM Planner\Drivers both using the installation .exe which completed successfully and by individually installing the driver files there through device manager with no success.

The computer still recognizes the device, and when I try to reinstall, appears to have the driver listed already.  As far as I can see, this driver is actually installed, at least partially

Are there other drivers that require installation for this thing to work?

Try reassigning that port to a higher COM number (you can do that in the Control Panel). I've never seen an assignment as low as 3 before. That may be due to funkyness in XP -- it's been a long time since we've tested older OS's.

I've been using mine on COM3 for a while. Also in XP. However I just started getting this message as well after updating. Has there been any resolution of this issue?

It still works using the 3DR on COM4 but not USB on COM3. Where in Control Panel is the option to change COM numbers?

Thanks in advance.

I have the same issue. when I try to connect, it tells me com port 29 doesn't exist. It shows up in the control panel system comports as port 29, no driver. I cannot see a way to change the come port if I knew a better one to assign it to.

You can reassign the Com port with the Advanced button in the Properties (via the Windows Control Panel Device Manager). 

It seems that the common thread is the the driver hangs during installation, and the cable has to be unplugged to continue. After unpluggin the cable, windows said driver installation successful!  but it isn't really.  In the device manager, the status says " driver not installed" and there is no advanced button in properties without the driver installed.  I finally gave up on XP, and I am using a borrowed Windows 7 virtual machine (on my MAC). IT worked fine in Windows 7


I had the same issue, but it was a new install.  I had to install one additional driver "Arduino MEGA 2560.inf".  There is also this topic http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/com-port-doesn-t-existed-error?co... that people have downgraded the version of Mission Planner.

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