I mentioned my problem in another message but I thought I'd better describe it in a proper dedicated message.

I'm running the latest Arduplane 2.40 on an brand new APM2, which I installed on a Dynam Hawksky.  All is working ok, apart from the Aileron output from the APM (output No1).

The ailerons are stuck more or less in their extreme position and don't respond to the remote.

However, when calibrating the remote in mission planner (USB power only), all the sticks are responding Ok, including the aileron one. All calibrated Ok.

When I swap the rudder output connector with the aileron one, then the rudder doesn't work and the ailerons now starts working ok. The cables are therefore not in question, but it shows that the output No1 is the one causing the problem

I tried resetting the board, by pressing the small button on the APM2, but that doesn't solve the problem. Tried another fly mode (Stabilize), output no1 still not doing the job, while all other are fine, trying to stabilize.

Just to note as well that the jumper for powering through outputs is still on, haven't removed this. In any case all other outputs (rudder, elevator and throttle) are working fine, so that can't be the problem.

I measured the voltage out of the output no1, and I get 4.98V, which I guess should be fine.

I'm out of solution for that...Anyone has a start of a clue for this strange problem ?

Could it be a faulty APM2 ?

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Did you found solution, I'm having same problem

hi Paul, well in fact I had my APM exchanged in the end, although I didn't hear the final word on what exactly was the problem. I suggest you contact 3DR.


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