HI everyone,

I have been struggling with the APM2 that I have just installed and have been trying to fly in Auto and RTL modes. I do have the plane flying great in the stabilize mode and the fly by wire mode also works.

When I switch the plane to RTL or Auto mode the plane does fly itself (circle) and hold altitude but it does not go to the waypoint locations and it does not circle over the home or launch point. Every time I have flown I have waited for the blue led to go solid and also the 3Dfix led is solid. I have also connected to the computer outside and in the mission planner it says 3Dfix. I do NOT ever get a red led to stay on. The red led does flash when the board is first powered up but then has never stayed on solid like is says it is supposed to. See the link.


That brings be to my next problem. It was suggested to me to look at the data log and see if there is an actual gps lock. When trying to look at the data log in the mission planner I do not see any horizon changes, speed or altitude changes. It does say the log is playing but I am unable to see any of the planes functions.

I have been struggling with this for a week now and do not know what to try next. If anyone could give me some suggestions that would be greatly appreciated.



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  • Do you use telemetry ? Or you're just able to connect to mission planner using USB cable when the plane is on the ground ?

  • OK I just found a data log that had a few bits of flight recorded. It says GPS: no fix.  Before I take off it says GPS 3Dfix. but in the air there is no fix? My APM2 is mounted in the front of the plane with only the clear canopy over the GPS.

    On the ground it does show my location in the mission planner so there is a GPS fix. Why would it loose the fix once in the air?

    Is this a defective board? 

  • One thought I just had while reading another post. Would the hatch magnets have any affect on the APM2?

  • Either the wiki is wrong, or we both have defective boards... i've never seen the red led going solid, and since there is a dedicated blue led for GPS 3D fix...

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