Does Anybody know if there would be a respin of the APM2 daughteboard in order to include a three pin connector or some other easy access to the SPI pins without soldering the cables for the optical flow connector?

I am ready to order APM2 however would wait if that mod happens soon.



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It seems that the only way as of now is to do the soldering on APM2, it is mentioned on the WIKI page of OptiFlow



Comment by project member, Apr 25, 2012


The original hope with the APM2 was that you could just plug it in instead of having to solder anything but sadly we found a problem after the APM2s had already gone into production re interference with the MPU6000 (they both work fine when tested individually but not together!). The only way that I've been able to get the sensor to work with the APM2 is to solder it as shown in the pictures above. It is fiddly but very possible.


I have done the soldering and found that the best way is to use a JST connector (I used what was available with me 4 pins, it will be better if you have 3 pins).


Photo 1: The JST connector and APM2 before soldering


Photo 2: The APM2 after soldering the JST Connector


Photo 3: Preparing a cable to connect APM2 (MISO,MOSI,SCLK) to OptiFlow Sensor


Pohto 4: OptiFlow Sensor connected to APM2


Remember that you will need firmware 2.6 to be able to use APM2 with Optiflow sensor. Also I noticed that testing sketch that is posted on the wiki is not working as expected (giving white pixels) however the test from APM2 command line is working perfectly.

Nicely done, thank you for sharing Muthanna

Nice mod Muthanna, thanks for sharing. If there is no respin from DIYDRONES, this should be the most clean way to implement the Optical Flow Sensor

Nice clean mod  Muthanna.  I'll be picking up a some JST connectors and a optiflow sensor next week!



  What pin spacing do I need for the jst connector ?  I'm going to order the 3 pin connectors next week.

Thanks for your post.

Now I'm ready for soldering the APM2, before I was not sure.

I hope for the APM3 can solve this issues for connect easily the optical flow sensor.


Do you now if anybody have already tested multiple flow sensors in APM2?

Hi Jerry,

Spacing should be 2.0mm, you can use this cable.



I'm not aware of anybody but dual sensors is mentioned in research paper re optical flow for position hold.

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