ok , new to all this and spent time looking in forum for an answer with no luck -

so here is the question.


apmplanner 1.0.63 (new today)

used ardupilot mega firmware which successfully uploads to board.

press the button "APMSETUP"

get the hint to check CLI switch position is in flight mode - away from RC pins - YES

then after the 30 secs timeout get the following message-


"is you cliswitch in flight position -----

system exception. no mavlink heartbeat found ....."


i have the board powered from usb and also powered up the rx and have manual control of servos and motor.

i am indoors so the gps is still a flashing light ( which i guess means no gps lock)


What am i missing in getting this to work.


thanks ahead of time richie.


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Hi Richard, Did you fix this problem? I'm having the exact same issue.



Warren, not sure, the aussie agent Bask Aerospace has been very proactive and got me to send back the faulty one and is sending me a new one that he tested on the bench and didnt have any problems with. so i will see if the new one works when I get it this week. I will let you know if I have any other problems with the new one as it might then suggest that it is my laptop ( which even though i have updated it to version 4 of dot.net) is getting old at 5 years.



Cheers Richie


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