Ardu-IMU Returning supporter is lost, any help?

HI all,

Sadly its been about a year, due to personal and professional reasons i have had to leave this project alone.


However, now that i am trying to restart my own projects again, i find that the IMU v2 is no longer avaliable.


Can anyone help with this?


Also when i stopped this project the Ardupilot was functioning 100% so wish to continue again and want some spares.


Can anyone explain what the ardupilot (NOT APM)is supposed to run with if the IMU is no longer available?


Its great to be back,


I hope you guys can make sence of this for me.




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  • Thanks Guys,

    Michael, thats great that i know the enviroment.


    Chris....sorry.....commited a cardinal sin a mod i shoudl know better than that....sorry it wont happen again :(


    Sensors.....ah right, that i didnt know, which might...erm...explain everything......


    will look harder into that, see what similar types are available.





  • Developer
    I have an old one you can use. PM me.
  • Developer

    Hey Dr. Mike,


    Great to hear from you.  Sorry to say that I completely abandoned ArduPilot to work on ArduPilotMega.  Jason Short followed ArduPilot a bit longer, but has mostly been working on ArduCopterMega for a while, so no-one on the dev team has been supporting it.  I don't really have any suggestions on suitable AHRS hardware.


    What is the reason you don't want to move up to APM?


  • Moderator

    Doc, Welcome back.

    Unfortunately, Thermopiles is the official answer, however let me direct you to a recent post: here.


    Also, if you notice there are Groups now setup for various projects including an ArduPilot (legacy) group you are welcome to join.  The more the...


    The posts suggests we can use the PA2 system from Futaba.  Not sure if the entire PA2 is used or just the sensors...

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