Arducoppter arming without GPS fix. It should NOT!


For some strange reason I do can arm my pixhawk while indoors without GPS Fix. This is in stabilize mode. I do remember that it was NOT possible previously to arm without GPS fix and I have not updated firmware for a long time.

Anyones know why ?

I am on Arducopter 3.2.1


Stabilize Mode

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  • I looks like that's an option to allow arming in a GPS mode if you have some other method of positioning.

  • As far as I know it has always been possible to arm without a GPS fix in Stabilize Mode.  This mode does not require a GPS so why would it care.  The only issue with that is if FailSafe kicks in and it needs to do an RTL in which case it reverts to Land mode or returns to the first point that the GPS became accurate.

    • OKej , then I have somehow misunderstood it. 

      But what does Skip GPS mean in the ARMING_CHECK parameter? Is it checking if GPS module is present?

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