Arducopter 2.0.42

Just posted this version which has an increased performance DCM implementation. This allows the main loop to run 50Hz faster without increasing the CPU load. I've flown this for 30 minutes and it's an improvement in every respect.


Circle mode now seems to be working just fine. This should be the last beta! enjoy testing!




Here is the Link to a download:

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  • I just upgraded to 0.46Beta, but I'm unsuccessful at turning on the battery monitor anymore.  Is the IMU battery monitor no longer supported?  Btw, I've flown it once, and initial impression is that it seemed more stable than 0.40.

  • Did anyone else lose pitch on camera stabilization when using 2.0.42?  I was running 2.0.37 and both the roll and pitch worked well.  But as soon as I switched to 2.0.42, the roll worked but the pitch didn't. Anyone else?  Any solutions to that?

  • I just flashed the new .42 beta with the planer tool.


    I went outside for a testrun. I waited for a gps lock and startet my quad up in the air. It flew perfectly.


    Then I tried Alt-Hold. (Yesterday I put some bandage on top of it to prevent light and air flow to reach the sensor). It stayed within +-0,5m. Very good!


    Then I tried LOITER: This was very strange. The copter went up and to the left-front side. I tried several times, it never did hold position.


    Later I tried CIRCLE: The copter started moving for like half a C, then dropped to the floor. I was so supprised that I wasn't able to switch of throttle before the crash. Because of that I broke a prop (APC) and have to change it later.


    I don't have any logs, because I don't know exactly how to use them.

    Or does the copter log by default?


    5,8Ghz video transmitter and the 2,4Ghz xbee are sitting right next to the gps.

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    I still have a mode problem with ACM 2.0.42 and Mission Planner 1.0.75.


    I've enabled the Mission Planner mavlink console, and here is what i get :


    when i put "Auto" on my transmiter, i get "Alt_hold" in the mavlink console


    when i put "RTL" on my transmiter, i get "Loiter" in the mavlink console


    Same wrong modes in the CLI.


    If i correct modes in the CLI or Mission Planner, the changes are lost after reboot.


    Modes were OK with previous versions.

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    right on :) thanks for the heads up all the same :)

  • 2.0.42 is best software that I flew.over ardu-NG . 

  • Well guys here are is my 5th flight, this time indoors, wind free :) With no previous experience in air RC I'm still trying to get skilled enough to try the auto modes. 1st video in simple mode, 2nd one in stabilize ! After all the frustrations in the process of having it finally in the air, that's a big reward and I'm hooked, batteries should last forever ehehehe I would like to thank both the developpers and "colleague aviators" :) This is a great project in every ways.


  • Morning,


    So I got two more flights in today, 3 in total.  1st flight alt hold behaved as it should, this was in the morning.  2nd Flight Alt hold diverted to how it was a few versions back... up down hit the ground up up up down down.. This was is the blazing sun.  About 30C.  3rd Flight alt hold as pretty as a peach... worked wonders, flight in the afternoon.  Same area of ground for all three flights.  The pavement I flew over is made of stone.  Test all 3 flights over grass too with no change in effect.  All flights low level about 1M using sonar.




  • Just thought I'd give a quick comment on the new 42. I've just uploaded it to my octo (full droidworx setup with pro cam mount) simply replace the quad line of code in Arduino 22 and that's it. It's SUPER smooth, went out for a short test flight in a fairly strong head wind, and it was rock solid, no nothing, just sitting there, I must admit the previous version 39 I think it was that I was running was also very good, this new version just feels more 'refined' it's great and hopefully reliable.


    Thanks again!


  • Jason:


    I have been flying .42 for several days with very good results in STABILIZE and ALT HOLD.  For the past two days I have been testing ALT HOLD and LOITER with favorable results with the exception that in LOITER the Quad decided to decend slowly and they I took control back.  I noticed that the forward and backward controls seemed to deminish in their full joystick response.  I was  able to land but it was not easy.

    I want to test way points but based on the current feedback I am not sure that is a wise thing to do.  My quad is the standard jDrones unit with all the gadgets except sonar.


    I have my Hexa ready to go as well but that is way too many $$ to use as a test bed so I am staying with the quad for now.  What do you recommend?  Is it safe to fly single way points?  Based on the latest replies it appears that the software wants to land the copter at the end of the time period for any given way poinit.  Is this accurate and if so, what is the fix?





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