Just posted this version which has an increased performance DCM implementation. This allows the main loop to run 50Hz faster without increasing the CPU load. I've flown this for 30 minutes and it's an improvement in every respect.


Circle mode now seems to be working just fine. This should be the last beta! enjoy testing!




Here is the Link to a download:


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Sounds good!
Jason, what about AUTO mode? Any improvements?

Wow, haven't had chance to try 2.0.41 yet, what would you recommend Jason, try 2.0.41 first, or just update again to 2.0.42, hope loiter will be good.

Does this means the entire fast loop is now running at 250Hz, including all the stabilization code? Are you anticipating any effects on PID values due to this change?

I am wondering the same thing as Lee, should I load up 41 or 42?

Just loaded 2.0.42 and repeated my 2.0.41 tests on my standard frame.  Flys great - and I got a nice loiter at 30 feet over the house and trees in a 5 mph wind.  It loitered for about 2 minutes and I do need some minor tuning, but it was really as good as I've ever seen it.  Altitude hold seems rock solid with minimal pulsing at sonar and baro altitudes. Checking my logs, sonar alt and baro alt are dead on - no weirdness, no noise.  Did a 360 on simple mode and that seemed good also.


The feeling in stabilize is awesome and yaw seems even snapier.  I like it!


I've only flown 1 flight, but this version is sweet.  


Thanks Jason!

Can't you paste Sonar and Baro Graph Log. please..... 

Glad it's working for you. Yes, 42 is a really nice release and a pleasure to fly.


The iTerm may be affected slightly because it will ramp 25% faster, but I doubt many folks would notice or have their quads tuned so well. 


One thing I noticed is that Mavlink connects to the Mission Planner on 2.0.42, but there is no GPS data coming back. Other data is updating ok I believe. I do have a lock on the GPS and the logs show valid GPS data. APM Planner 1.0.66.  

I have noticed in APM planner 1.0.66 as well that no data is coming back for the GPS and I end up looking at the entire world all the time.


Quick Question: Is the Camera Stabilization on by default? Can I just hook up two servo's to the pins and it will attempt to stabilize them without anything extra?

Very strange.  I powered off the quad and then restarted, and now the planner is seeing the GPS again.  I need to check the logs to verify that the GPS was really locked.

I have also flown 2.0.42 and gps was updating just fine.

However, mode changes (stabilise, alt_hold, loiter, etc) were not shown in the planner.  When I connect trough usb, mode changes get shown (but loiter, auto and RTL are all reported as being RTL)

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