Just posted this version which has an increased performance DCM implementation. This allows the main loop to run 50Hz faster without increasing the CPU load. I've flown this for 30 minutes and it's an improvement in every respect.


Circle mode now seems to be working just fine. This should be the last beta! enjoy testing!




Here is the Link to a download:


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Is there any way to manually dump .67 at the URL where .66 checks for a new version? This seems to churn a lot of time?


First hand test today, after two monthes of preparation :=)


I loaded 2.0.42, did a precision leveling, checked all that could be checked.


I'm using a modified droidworx heavy load frame, about 3.7 kg actually. Hexa X setup, about 10 Kg total thrust.


I tested first rising slowly the throttle, but it wanted to flip on the ground. So i stopped this, as i think it is certainely not the right way to test. The gound was not level at all, perhaps this has an influence ?


So i decided to make a hand test. I was able to rise the throttle and get a good hovering in stabilize mode, just keeping the frame between 4 fingers, to avoid loosing the machine.


So all seems ok except the slow throttle rise on the ground where it has a tendancy to flip on the ground. Is it normal ? Should i try a real fly or do i need to correct this before ?


I notified that my throttle stick is only 1/3 of the total range for hovering. This seems normal as the motors have been calculated for about 1.5 Kg of camera / video transmitter load (not fitted actually). Could it be a problem to not have the throttle stick centered for hovering ?


Thanks to all developpers and community for all the great work. I was really pleased to see my first multicopter machine hovering almost perfectly at the first try.


Next tests later this week i hope with a real flight. The weather seems perfect.

when you are on the ground, the air turbulence to do bad things. Plus you can hang a leg on the ground, tipping over. If it stabilizes well in the hand, it will fly. Hold it from the bottom and give it enough throttle to take off. Is it level? Try to roll it, do it fight back? 

Does the pitch and roll control do t right thing? Then you're probably good. But fly over nice thick grass for the first few flights!



Thanks Jason. I just tried to yaw it with my hand and it did fight. I will try pitch and roll tomorrow.


I will add tomorrow the training arm extensions, it will be better i think to begin. :=)



Hi all, tried my first test flight today with 2.0.42, stabilize was good as usual, although it did need trimming and for the first time loiter wasn't a scary experience, I was comfortable to leave it in loiter mode without having to jump for my channel 5 switch thinking it is going to crash. Its ability to hold altitude was much improved although it did drift around in about a 10m circle, my PID's were the same as previously posted with NAV WP pid P upped to 2.5, what do I need to alter to help it hold a tighter circle. P.S. it was pretty windy today so going to test again tomorrow. Tried the kml in google earth but it just shows loads of dots. Log posted below




I too have built a DroidWorx (AD-6 Heavy Lift) airframe.  I have been testing software on my diyDrones Quad for several months with very good sucess.  I had a test flight on Sunday and the video is at the following link on utube. 

Because of the cost of the AD-6 I built a test stand to verify all flight controls and motor assignments.  I included some pictures with this reply.  I hope to test the AD-6 tomorrow or Friday.

Best of luck.



Jason, I have notified Michael Oborne about the problem with kml files. Are you aware of that?


Lee, a temporary fix in Google Earth is right click on the line > properties > altitude > and change to "relative to ground"

Forgot to add the UTube link






Nice test set !


Let me know your flight results, and if you needed to modify PIDs values.





I also run a hanging/suspension tether with a weighted cable/string, though mine is not so nice, just some heavy kite string run to different points in the garage, tied to a wrench. I think I might have been inspired by another of your posts about this. But I have wondered, while PID tuning, if you have a similar experience. Too often when tuning, my flights result in an accelerating circle or ellipse. Any tiny oscillation, or any tendency for the airframe to drift or relocate results in first a pull away from the point of suspension, then drag towards that point, and with the attendant changes in angle for both movements, I end up with a spinning, circling, angry buzzing bladed wundermachine. Do you have a similar experience, or any suggestions? Is there too much weight or too much tension/friction on my line? Too little? Do you allow the central point of suspension to move? Any suggestions for someone replicating your harness?




Hi Jose, thanks for that, although I don't have any lines as such, just lots of little dots. Hoping to get some more test flights in tonight so will retry with those logs.

Lee, in the left panel of Google Earth if you expand your kmz file, there is one entry for each mode used during flight: STABILIZE, ALT_HOLD, LOITER.....  (or maybe only one named FlightPath). Right Click, Properties, Altitude and in the right combo-box change to "Relative to Ground".


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