Arducopter 2.0.50 or not ?

Hello !

I run my quad with 2.0.49 and Mission Planner 1.0.89 with no major drawbacks. I played with Loiter, Alt-hold, RTL with success (even though sometimes RTL tends to come back at a low (too low) altitude),.... and plan to start playing with planned missions/auto-mode (as soon as I buy a 12V/220V AC converter to power my Laptop from my car 12V connector....)

I have seen that 2.0.50 is supposed to be 'the best one', but, by reading through the posts talking about it (, it is difficult to decide whether I should update or not (I have read people having alt hold issue, ppm chip issues, and other weird issues...), what do you think ?

For info, I am not planning to use CH7. All my modes will be controlled through channel 5 (I am using a Spektrum DX7 with AR7000 receiver configured with the '6 modes hack' ). I am not planning to record WP, and I have no telemetry.

Thanks in advance !


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  • Thanks guys !

    Being a bit reluctant to tests the 'glitches' of a still 'under-testing' version (maybe related to the fact that I don't have an unlimited stock of replacement parts ;-) ), I think I will stick with my 2.0.49 for now and concentrate myself on a 'foldable design' I have in mind.

    As I want to take my quad with me on walking/ski-touring/mountainbiking tours, I am currently trying to design a custom frame able to replace the stock frame (for me from JRDrones) and transform it into a foldable device (certainly based on already existing designs shown here). My idea is to keep as much 'stock parts' as possible, making it a true 'replacement' frame for people already owning 'stock' devices.

    As soon as a CAD exists, I will present it to you for 'critics' :-)

    Cheers !


  • T3

    my alt hold 2.050 is so good, its worth the switch. you just have to be very close to hovering before switching it on. I also had to cut in half throttle rate P and reduce alt hold P by about .1  I have a custom frame Quad. If you like alt hold, go for it.

  • if you like how it is now I would keep it... seems to be a few glitches still

  • Distributor

    @ seb,  doing the same kind of things you do and I have made the switch to 2.0.50 

    works great and no crash... although just like Bobo67 mentionned if you have a version that works great for you then you can stick to it until we iron out all the little glitches... but where would be the fun?  hehe


    Dany -
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    Some users crashing with 2.0.50/52, stay on 2.0.48/49 (IMHO).
    I like the planned missions/auto-mode, fantastic feature for me, but i upgrade my board only when the code is more stable and tested.

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