arducopter 2.6 can not load firmware


1. I received a new apm 2.6 mega.

2. I have windows vista 32 bits on my dell laptop with .net4 and direct x installed.

3. I installed mission planner version 1.3.16 build 1.1.5456.14788 including the drives.

4. When  I connected the apm via the usb I got unrecognized usb device.

4. Enter the initial setup -> install firmware

5. Chose arducopter 3.2 quad.and then I got the following error:

Error uploading firmware. see the attach file.mission%20planner%20error%20screen.docx

Please advise.

mission planner error screen.docx

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  • I think i found the problem, but i need to check it. Different operating system need different ftdi drivers. In the begining i installed the apm a2.x drivers as instructed  in the  user manual. The problem is that those drivers are not fits all OS old and new. The solution is to download the appropriate drivers and the manual how to install them according to your operating system from here.

    And use this page

  • I got the folowing error :

    Failed to download new firmware: System argumentException. The given port name does not start with com/COM or doesn't resolve to a valid serial port.

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